The Block n’ Roll Film Festival is a platform to showcase the best of the best of Bay Area Community College student films--- made by students, for students.

This is a festival created by community college students, for community college students. This is a night to make our local film makers feel special and allow them to present their work to a larger audience.

To be determined...

Films can be of any genre, but must be under 30 minutes. IT MUST HAVE BEEN MADE WHILE YOU HAVE ATTENDED A CALIFORNIA, BAY AREA COMMUNITY COLLEGE. We are allowing 1 submission per person.

Overall Rating
  • This was a great little student film festival. The theater was absolutely gorgeous, and I felt very valued as a filmmaker. The focus on specifically community college was a great plus. I felt the organizers were enthusiastic and kind and made me feel welcome. I can't remember if there was a q and a, and for a first year event attendance wasn't bad. What the big value to me was being treated with so much respect. Not many events offer that. The awards were beautiful, and I'd absolutely recommend this to fellow students.

    June 2016