Bethlehem Student Film Festival (BSFF) is the first international film festival in Palestine specializes in student films around the world. And as such it joins the international film festivals that focus on student cinema as well as the modern Arab film festivals that are starting to pay attention to student cinema.

The Festival will showcase a diverse selection of films from April 1st to April 5th, 2020. The films will be carefully chosen from film submissions to this important initiative. Approximately 15 hours of various films, lengths and categories will be screened, which will include fiction, documentary, experimental and video art films.

During the Festival, a group of international professionals will be hosted to conduct workshops and panel discussions on topics of interest to the film students. This activity constitutes an integrated film event that will promote further the culture of cinema in Palestine and elevate the Palestinian cinema students to the international standards of the film profession.

• The International Competition
o Best Short Fiction
o Best Short Documentary
o Best Experimental

• Palestinian Competition
o Best Short Fiction
o Best Short Documentary
o Best Experimental

Film Submission Guidelines:
1 - The film must be completed after January 2017.
2 - Films must have been completed while the filmmaker was a student at a recognized educational institution. No paid commercial, theatrical, or TV releases will be accepted for the competition.
3- The application form must be fully completed.
4- The applicant should provide a link for the submitted film.
5. The film resolution must be at least 1080.
6- The film should have English or Arabic subtitles.
7. The film must not exceed 30 minutes in length, including the credits.
8.If submitting multiple films for competition, a separate entry form must be submitted for each film.

Overall Rating
  • La Fémis

    A GREAT FESTIVAL and a very good opportunity to discover Palestinians films but also films from around the world !

    October 2019
  • Very kind and responsive hosts. It was a pleasure!

    April 2019