Did you know that Zagreb has been one of the hearts of animation for over fifty years? Thanks to the famous Zagreb School of Animation, Animafest Zagreb was born and since 1972 has been bringing the joys of the finest global animation to local and foreign audiences! The World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb is taking place for the 30th time from 8 to 13 June 2020 at different locations across the city. Throughout six unforgettable days, the festival competitions, retrospectives, presentations, exhibitions, lectures, panoramas and workshops will provide a comprehensive insight into contemporary animated production, with loads of special events. The Animated Zagreb programme takes place at different city venues: in the most beautiful parks – Zrinjevac and Ribnjak, at Gradec and Tuškanac summer open air stages, at Art Park and in the Gric Tunnel. Hop on for a ride with us on the “Animacycle”, an urban bike ride which will turn the whole of Zagreb into a colourful animation screen, dive into the world of virtual reality, take part in our workshops and enjoy free film screenings – see you at Animafest!

Submit your films from 1 November 2021 - 1 February 2022 here:

Short Films Competition:
‣ Grand Prix - Short Film (best short film of the festival) – cash award of 2,500 €
‣ Golden Zagreb (for creativity and innovative artistic achievement) – cash award of 2,000 €
‣ Zlatko Grgić (best first production out of educational institutions) – cash award of 1,500 €
‣ Mr. M – Short Film, audience award

Feature Films Competition:
‣ Grand Prix - Feature Film (best feature film of the festival) – cash award of 2,500 €
‣ Mr. M - Feature Film, audience award

Croatian Film Competition:
‣ Best Croatian Film - cash award of 1,000 € sponsored by the Croatian Film Directors' Guild

Student Films Competition:
‣ Dušan Vukotić (best student film) – cash award of 1,000 €

Films for Children Competition:
‣ Best film for children

VR Competition
‣ Best VR Project