THE ASSOCIATION "SENZA FRONTIERE ONLUS" & CIRCOLO DEL CINEMA MARK FILM - FICC, in collaboration with GNOSIS COOPERATIVA SOCIALE and TIXTER- VIRTUAL PRODUCER presents the second edition of the Marino Short Film Festival, which is aimed at all film-makers, producers and distributors of Italian and foreign short films. The main objectives of the festival are to attract authors and productions within the territory of Marino and the Castelli Romani; enhance the cultural value of the participating works and disseminate it through the presentation of previews, retrospectives, meetings, exhibitions and occasions created by the organization with the support of institutional partners and national associations of film culture.

-The Social Jury assigns 2 prizes for the Social section: the “Social Cinema” Special Award and the “Teen Movie” Special Award.
-The Audience Jury assigns the Audience Award - Castelli Romani for the Rome and Castelli Romani section.
-The Technical Jury assigns the following prizes for the three sections of completed works:
"Marino Short Film Festival" Award;
Best Actor Award - awarded to the best actor engaged in one of the competing works;
Best Actress Award - awarded to the best actress engaged in one of the competing works.
-The Inediti-Tixter Jury composed of members of Tixter- Virtual Producer assigns the Tixter Prize to the best unpublished screenplay.
The "Marino Short Film Festival" Prize is € 500 awarded to the author of the work.
The Tixter Award for the best unpublished screenplay guarantees the stamp “chosen by Tixter”; immediate positioning on the platform's homepage and € 500 assigned to the production of the unpublished work.
All the other prizes consist of representative plates made exclusively for the Marino Short Film Festival.

The festival is aimed at adults, with no nationality limits.
- For each of the sections of the festival, it is possible to request registration for up to a maximum of 2 short films / screenplays for each participating subject, as long as they are in line with these regulations, even in a single section or in distinct sections. For each individual short film / screenplay, its own participation and submission procedure must be carried out. Under penalty of exclusion from the festival.
- The works can be created by a single author or by a group of authors.
- Only works belonging to the holders of the relative rights or subjects authorized in writing by the original owners are admitted to the festival.

The subjects participating in the festival must compulsorily complete the registration procedure in all its phases.
- The work in high definition (720p resolution or higher). In the case of subtitled works with integrated subtitles (hard subs), a copy of the clean work (without subtitles) will also be required. As regards the section of the unpublished screenplays, the file in PDF format is required.
- Online payment of € 10.00.

Overall Rating
  • Much gratitude to the Marino Short Film Festival for appreciating my work and for awarding FIG JAM the Best Short Script Award--the Tixter Prize! Grazie Mille!

    December 2020