The Georgia Documentary Film Festival is an interesting and informative film festival. Independent documentary films from around the world will be screened for an Atlanta, Georgia audience. The creators of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, Oregon Shorts Film Festival and the Georgia Shorts Film Festival have launched this new festival to specifically target the Georgia Documentary Film audience. These Film Festivals screen all genres of films, but we noticed through our research and attendee feedback, that the documentary films we screened were some of the most popular. The Georgia Documentary Film Festival will screen a 2-day slate of documentary films that include features and shorts. Each film is carefully screened and ranked by 12 independent judges that will watch every minute of each film from beginning to end. We are looking for engaging stories, great production value, good cinematography, creative music and clean audio. Unlike other film festivals that may be screened in an empty classroom or on a cheap hotel projector, the Georgia Documentary Film Festival is screened in a professional movie theater.

Every film that is submitted to the Georgia Documentary Film Festival will be graded by 12 different judges that will watch every minute of every film including credits. We take pride in truly showing the best films submitted. This is the first year of this festival, but as a group, we have been doing film festivals since 2008. If your short film is selected, you are expected to provide a high resolution download of your film so that we can make a single program on Blu-Ray DVD. If your feature film is selected, you will be expected to mail us two copies of a 1080p NTSC Blu-ray DVD for screening.