Celebrating 10 years the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival is the largest short film festival in Canada.

Toronto Shorts is a non-profit organization that provides a showcase for the best short films and its creators from around the world, annually in the heart of Toronto.

We feel that short-form cinema and its creators should have their own premier film festival in Toronto deserving similar recognition given to the feature film and its creators.

Toronto Shorts is where films from all genres intersect. The heart of the festival is the quality and scope of extraordinary film programming which consists of a wide spectrum of categories from high to low budget films under 45 minutes.

Over the past ten years, the festival has become a career stepping stone, establishing a tradition of discovering and promoting filmmakers who have gone on to be Academy Awards Nominees, including :

2021 Oscar Nominee 'The Present' by Farah Nabulsi
2019 Oscar Nominee ‘Weekends’ by Trevor Jimenez
2018 Oscar Nominees 'Watu Wote - All of Us' (Germany) and 'The Eleven O'Clock' (Australia)

Toronto stands as the largest media market in Canada, it boasts the world-renowned Royal Ontario Museum, the massive Art Gallery of Ontario, the Soulpepper Theatre Company, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and now includes a premier international short film festival.

In order to showcase the best short films and its filmmakers from around the world, we created the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival.

Best of the Festival
Best International
Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Experimental
Best Sci-Fi
Best Horror
Best Music Video
Best Web Series

Best Made in Toronto - ​$1,000 CASH prize presented to a Canadian filmmaker.
Eligible films for the "Made in Toronto Award", MUST keep the Toronto premiere status until the 2022 Toronto Shorts International Film Festival concludes.

If any award category does not meet the standard deemed award-worthy by the judges, it’s possible there will be no award given in that category.

Films must have been completed after Jan. 1, 2020
All non-English films must have English sub-titles.
Works-in-progress will be considered, provided they will be completed prior to the festival.
You may submit more than one film, but you must complete a separate entry form and pay the entry fee for each film.

Film selection for the festival will be made by the screening committee.
All filmmakers will be notified via email of acceptance.

Overall Rating
  • Anna Hozian

    Thrilled to be a part of this festival! Next time, hopefully, we can all meet in person!

    January 2022
  • Unfortunately, despite many good reviews i had quite a disappointing experience with this festival. Whether this is due to the fact that it happened online i do not know, but the communication was very poor (I never received a response from the festival) i did not actually get the chance to see the other films, and there were no efforts to connect us to other filmmakers in any ways. To me it simply appeared as a stunt to get people to subscribe to the channel on a monthly basis - nothing else. Perhaps this happens different in real life, but i would have appreciated if they would have at least responded to my mails, or created some type of online space for people to connect. There was also no awards ceremony to my knowledge.

    November 2021
  • Kiki Tsakalakis

    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the 2020 film festival, and in the company some impressive filmmakers. Some great films in a variety of genres, all perfectly accessible and easy to stream. Next time hope to be there in person.

    December 2020
  • I likeв the festival and the festival team for the communication!

    November 2020
  • Simon Longmore

    I was totally blown away by the quality of films in this festival. Every film was like watching a big budget film, in short form. Was very thankful to be selected into this festival. Was one of the top ones we had been selected for. I really feel this festival is worth it. It was top shelf!!!

    November 2020