Cultural Association “Visione Arte” (Art Vision) presents the 13th edition
“Corti in Cortile” which has recently turned into International Short Film Festival.
The festival is held in Catania, Italy- Sicily, from Friday 15th to Sunday September 19th 2021.

The Festival wants to be a showcase for national and international emerging independent productions. The contest is open both to Italian and foreign authors.
Submission deadline: 21 July 2021

The competition is open to SHORT and DOC MOVIE – national and international short films and documentaries, except for TV adverts, TV single and/or video clips.

Maximum length (duration): 16 minutes (titles included).
In order to submit the Festival contest you have to complete your short film shooting after January 1st 2019. Each submission grants two work shows only.

“Corti in Cortile” – award to the best work in contest 500 Euro
"Best screenplay" plaque
"Best photography" plaque
“Mariella Lo Giudice” – award plaque to the best actress/actor.
Special awards may be instituted by the Board of Directors
during the Festival.

The festival includes eight competitive sections:

• SHORT MOVIE - national and international short films;
Corti in Cortile Award,
il Cinema in Breve 2020
Award Euro 500 or material / services of registered value Recognition plate;

• SICILIA SHORT MOVIE LGBT- national and international short films;
Sicilia Queer short movie Award plaque of recognition

• CINEMA AND ENVIRONMENT - national and international short films;
Cinema and Environment Award plaque of recognition

• ANIMATION SHORTS - national and international short films;
Award of Corti Animazione plaque of recognition

• SHORTS IN SCHOOL - national short films
Corti a Scuola Award recognition plaque

• SICILIAN SHORT FILMS - Sicilian short films with English subtitles

• HORROR SHORT FILMS - Horror short films with English subtitles

• EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILMS - Experimental short film with English subtitles

• WOMEN SHORT FILMS - short films directed and acted by women with English Subtitles

Il festival prevede sette sezioni competitive:

• SHORT MOVIE – cortometraggi nazionali ed internazionali;
il Cinema in breve 2020
Premio Euro 500 o materiale/servizi del valore corrispondente Targa di riconoscimento;

• SICILIA SHORT MOVIE LGBT- cortometraggi internazionali e non a tema LGBT;
Premio Sicilia Queer Short Movie targa di riconoscimento

• CINEMA E AMBIENTE – cortometraggi nazionali e internazionali;
Premio Cinema e Ambiente targa di riconoscimento

• CORTI DI ANIMAZIONE – cortometraggi nazionali e internazionali;
Premio Corti di Animazione targa di riconoscimento

• CORTI A SCUOLA – cortometraggi nazionali
Rassegna di cortometraggi realizzati da studenti

• CORTOMETRAGGI SICILIANI – cortometraggi siciliani con sottotitoli in inglese

• HORROR SHORT FILMS - cortometraggi horror con sottotitoli in inglese

• CORTI SPERIMENTALI - cortometraggi sperimentali con sottotitoli in inglese

• CINEMA DONNA - dedicata ai cortometraggi diretti e interpretati da donne

Registration and Deadline

- Vimeo Upload. Please load your work on Vimeo and send it to the link and password to
This allows the Festival staff to watch your production. It is important to send the film only once and in a single format.
 Submission of a working copy does not represent a
substitute for an over-term submission of the final copy.
Submission deadline: 21 July 2021
Mention: Mandatory for the selected films to receive 2 or more scene pictures or photograms from the content of the short films at the email address:

- Foreign authors wiil be so kind to submit their work with Italian subtitles (videos included) Alternatively, you will have to provide a dialogues' list in Italian

- Italian authors will be so kind to submit their works with English subtitles
The Festival Board of Directors reserves their right to make free use of excerpts from film for promotional purposes with a maximum duration of 45 seconds, as well as the pictures and all the material received.
All submitted works will be kept in the archive of the Association “Visione Arte”.

4. The selected films list as well as the detailed festival program will be published on the website by 5th September 2021.
Submission and acceptance of this Regulation imply authorization to public screening of the short film.

Each author is responsible for the content of the submitted work and claims to be the owner of all rights (direct and indirect) of the work.
Acceptance of the rules
Submitting the competition implies full acceptance of rules here above. Any irregularities or non-compliance to the rules voids participation in the festival and all the
initiatives promoted and realized by “Visione Arte”.
The Board of Directors can take decisions on matters not provided by the Regulation. Any controversy will compete the Court of Catania and the Italian Law will prevail this
General organization, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to make changes to these regulations and schedule of events, before deadline subscriptions.

Pre-selection Jury
This year “Visione Arte” with a Jury chosen by the “Corti in Cortile” Board of directors will select the winners of the major national and international short films and
documentaries festivals according to the following rules:
a) technical and professional quality expressed in the short film;
b) technical and professional work in relation to the value of all professional aspects related to the short-film material realization (writer, director, camera technique,
c) expressed artistic quality;
d) artistic quality – actors’ skill;
e) language and communication skills delivered through the effectiveness of the linguistic message.
The jury's decisions are final.

All personal data supplied by submission for shall be treated
a laid out in the Legislative Decree n° 196 dated 2003-
Personal data security.

Overall Rating
  • Jing Zhai

    Thank you dear friend great festival

    October 2021
  • Corti in Cortile è un Festival bellissimo. Organizzato in modo eccezionale e Davide Catalano, il direttore artistico è una persona meravigliosa. Lui ed il suo staff sono il top. Non è un festival fine a se stesso. Lo scopo di Davide e del festival in generale è quello di fare in modo che giovani registi si incontrino con produttori. Cosa che non si vede spesso nei festival. Infatti ha organizzato dei Pitch lab tra registi e produttori. Sono stato felicissimo di partecipare a questo grande e stupendo evento.

    September 2021
  • Daniele De Muro

    Honoured to have my short film"Horizon" at this beautiful Festival. I hope to submit a new project next year.

    September 2021
  • Dario Nipoti

    Festival fantastico! Abbiamo trovato enorme serietà, competenza e tanta amicizia... Ci siamo sentiti come a casa grazie al calore della squadra adibita alla coordinazione. Grande umanità e voglia di aiutare gli artisti emergenti a creare contatti concreti col mondo del lavoro.
    Un gigantesto "grazie" da Sofia e Dario!

    September 2021
  • Jesús Soria

    Great communication. Really cinema loving people!
    Hopefully we can attend the festival in the future!

    September 2021