You bring the story, We got the funding. Read on.

Saregama is producing a hundred story-driven films in the next five years releasing in PVR cinemas and other platforms. A selection of these films will be curated by American film curator Mithaq Kazimi via this platform.

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Dedicated Studio financing for selected screenplays: $500,000 / INR 3 Crore.


Films come in different shapes and sizes and this deal is right for those who meet the following criteria. Your film is:

- majorly based in India and in any Indian languages, including English
- tells a strong feature-length story within 60-90 minutes
- is not Star-driven or Star-dependent
- has festival potentiality, but can also work in theaters
- has “universal appeal” that is attractive to both an Indian audience as well as World -
Cinema lovers around the world
- can be produced within the fixed budget of approximately ₹3Cr. ($500,000)
- You’re okay collaborating with a Studio process and structure

Overall Rating
  • Satyendra Pandey

    I think none of the shortlisted screenplays got made or got any exposure. My work was shortlisted and I know someone whose work was shortlisted too, he shares the same feedback.

    July 2019