'Tarang' - Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival is a brave initiative by Harmless Hugs – one amongst the biggest youth oriented LGBT support group in India. The Film Festival is intended to connect with larger Diaspora of Indian LGBTQ struggle for equal human rights, and to reach out to masses via the omnipotence of Media and Cinema. We also have a strong line up of stirring theatre performances and more.

Movie screenings and plays are well-complimented by a round of panel discussions and debates, including some of the biggest names from the Indian LGBTQ Movement. We would venture into the tumultuous territories of politics, gender disparity, coming out and involvement of families and more.

Send in your entries which are LGBTQ+ themed or covers issues around them.

It's a screenings based festival only. No winners will be declared.
Kindly submit your film of time duration lesser than 30 mins only.

The submission fee will be considered as a donation for organizing the festival.

It's a screenings based festival only. No winners will be declared.

Overall Rating
  • Myat Noe

    This is one of the hidden gems!

    December 2017
  • Christopher McCombs

    Festival was very easy to communicate with.
    I was not able to attend but the festival put many videos, pictures, and live streams of the event on line.
    I would happily submit to this event again in the future.

    December 2017