Created in 2005, Fantaspoa - International Fantastic Film Festival of Porto Alegre - is the pioneer festival dedicated to bringing fantastic films to Brazil.

Fantaspoa has the following official sections: Short Film Competition (subdivided into live-action/animation and national/international); Ibero-American Feature Film Competition and International Competition. The festival also has special programming sections that change from edition to edition.

In each edition, the festival grants a total of around 20 awards in the different sections of the festival, as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award, that was already presented to some of the greatest auteurs of the fantastic genre, such as Roger Corman, Christina Lindberg, Larry Wilson, Luigi Cozzi, Lamberto Bava, Ruggero Deodato, Claudio Simonetti, Stuart Gordon, David Schmoeller, Frank Henenlotter, Lloyd Kaufman, Simon Boswell, Richard Stanley, Bill Plympton, Katt Shea, Jeff Lieberman and IGG Nabwana.

Each year the festival welcomes more than 50 guests that participate in Q&A's after the screenings, bringing together audience and filmmakers. This initiative, as well as the development of workshops and lectures, fosters the study, diffusion and production of cinema in Brazil.

Over its 17 years, Fantaspoa became the biggest genre festival in Latin America and the main film event in the city of Porto Alegre and is now a reference for several artists as one of the most convivial festival experiences and a great window of exhibition for fantastic films in Brazil. Fantaspoa is the only festival from South America that is a member of the Méliès – European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (EFFFF), the federation that brings together the 25 most relevant fantastic film festivals worldwide. And, in 2018, it was listed on the MovieMaker's 30 Bloody Best Genre Fests in the World.

The eighteenth edition of Fantaspoa will be held from April 20th to May 1st, 2022.
We invite the filmmakers that work with fantastic cinema to submit their works on

Short Films:
Best Brazilian Short Film
Best International Short Animated Film
Best International Short Live-Action Film

Ibero-American Selection:
Best Film
Best Direction
Best Screenplay
Best Actress
Best Actor

International Competition:
Best Film
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Art Direction
Best Special Effects

Public Awards:
Best Brazilian Short Film
Best International Short Animated Film
Best International Short Live-Action Film
Best Feature


1 – The eighteenth edition of the FANTASPOA - INTERNATIONAL FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL OF PORTO ALEGRE will be held from April 20th to May 1st, 2022.

2 – The primary goal of Fantaspoa is to provide opportunities for the exhibition and appreciation of films, rewarding their quality. The Festival aims at:
a) Creating a multimedia cultural forum in the city of Porto Alegre.
b) Promoting the Brazilian Cinema and encouraging the film production in Brazil.

3 - The Festival Committee will only consider for its main competition only fantastic films (horror, bizarre, thriller, science-fiction and fantasy).

4 – Eligibility Requirements for the feature film and short film competition (jury and audience award):
- Running time for all feature films must be 60 minutes or more;
- Running time for all shorts must be less than 30 minutes;
- Film submissions in a foreign language must be subtitled or spoken in English or Spanish;
- The films shall be a premiere on the city of Porto Alegre;
- All submitted films must have been completed after January, 1st, 2019, and must have DVD, DVD Blu-Ray OR ProRes File as their screening format; exceptions to that case must be arranged in advance between the producer/director/distributor of the films and the organization committee of the festival.

5 – To submit a film to selection by the Festival Organizing Committee you must send an online screener, exclusively through FilmFreeway, before January, 31st, 2022.

6 – The postage cost is paid by the sender, as well as any tax or customs fees that may result from it. The festival is not responsible for taxes that may outcome from the postage.

7 – There's no limitation to the number of films a company/filmmaker might submit. No entry fee will be reimbursed, even if the film does not comply to the requisites of item 4 of this regulation.

8 – The festival does not pay screening fees.

9 – Films are scheduled at the discretion of Fantaspoa. The organization committee of the festival reserves the right to select the films to be exhibited, as well as determine in which section it will be exhibited.

10 – The Festival Committee will select the jury members of every section. Members cannot be those related or with special interest in the production and/or exploitation of the films in the competition.


12 – All commercial/private property including all trademark/copyrighted images and songs shown or recorded on the project is the responsibility of the filmmaker. By submitting its entry, the filmmaker states that he/she is responsible as an agent to promote the film and that the film is an original work.

13 – The filmmakers agree that clips and images from their film may be used on the promotional material of the festival.

14 – There is no need to fill entry forms. The submission of your film to the festival implies that you accept the conditions of the festival regulation.

Versão em português:
1 – A décima oitava edição do FANTASPOA – FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CINEMA FANTÁSTICO DE PORTO ALEGRE será realizada de 20 de abril a 1 de maio de 2022..

2 – O principal objetivo do Fantaspoa é oportunizar a exibição e apreciação de filmes de gênero. O festival tem o objetivo de:
a) Criar um fórum cultural multimídia na cidade de Porto Alegre;
b) promover o cinema brasileiro e estimular a produção cinematográfica no Brasil;
c) ser um espaço de divulgação para filmes internacionais inéditos comercialmente.

3 – O comitê de seleção do festival considerará, para as mostras competitivas internacional, ibero-americana e de curtas-metragens do XVIII Fantaspoa, exclusivamente, filmes de gênero (bizarro, fantasia, ficção científica, horror e thriller).

4 – Requisitos para inscrição de filmes em curta e longa-metragem nas mostras do XVIII Fantaspoa:
- Os filmes longa-metragem devem ter no mínimo 60 minutos de duração;
- Os filmes curta-metragem devem ter no máximo 30 minutos de duração;
- Os filmes estrangeiros devem ser legendados ou falados em inglês ou espanhol;
- Os filmes devem ser inéditos nos cinemas da cidade de Porto Alegre.
- Os filmes devem ter sido concluídos após 1 de janeiro de 2019.

6 – A inscrição de um filme para o XVIII Fantaspoa deve ser realizada mediante preenchimento e submissão de formulário específico na plataforma até 31 de janeiro de 2022. Os valores para inscrições estão disponíveis no website

7 – Não há limitação de quantidade de obras submetidas por pessoa jurídica/física. Nenhum valor de inscrição será devolvido, mesmo se não atender os requisitos dispostos no item 4 deste regulamento.

8 – A comissão organizadora do festival não realiza pagamento de taxas de exibição para filmes selecionados.

9 – Os filmes serão exibidos conforme decisão da comissão organizadora do Fantaspoa. Esta se reserva o direito de selecionar os filmes que serão exibidos na programação do XVIII Fantaspoa, bem como de determinar a seção na qual a obra será inserida.

10 – A comissão organizadora do festival selecionará os membros do júri de cada seção. Os membros não poderão ter participado dos filmes da competição de sua seção, ou ter especial interesse na produção e/ou exploração das obras constantes na competição.

11 – A denominação oficial do festival é: Fantaspoa – Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantástico de Porto Alegre.

12 – O responsável pela inscrição da obra, ao realizar a inscrição no XVIII Fantaspoa, admite tacitamente ser responsável por todos os direitos autorais, de imagem, de trilha sonora e pelos demais direitos conexos gerados pela realização e exibição da obra inscrita. A comissão organizadora do Fantaspoa, portanto, não se responsabiliza por questões relativas ao direito autoral, direitos de uso de voz, imagem, trilha sonora ou locação no conteúdo dos trabalhos inscritos.

13 – Os responsáveis pelas submissões dos filmes concordam que extratos de vídeos e imagens das obras inscritas possam vir a ser utilizadas no material de divulgação do festival, para fins promocionais.

14 – A inscrição pressupõe a concordância com todas as condições citadas acima.

Overall Rating
  • Sylvia Caminer

    Fantaspoa is a FABULOUS festival and one of my new all time favorites! I am so thankful they included my feature, Follow Her, in the 2022 festival and that I could attend! Joao, Nicolas and the rest of the team take such great care of all the filmmakers. I met so many great people, saw terrific films and had an absolute blast! Don't miss out on this one!

    May 2022
  • Thank you so much for selecting "Noctuidae" for this years Fantaspoa edition. Great and easy communication. I really wish i could have been there in person!

    May 2022
  • Izzy Lee

    My short Meat Friend played Fantaspoa and I really wanted to go but was unable. In the future, I'd love to attend, it sounds like so much fun. Communication was great, and everyone was very friendly. Thank you, Fantaspoa!

    May 2022
  • Randal Kamradt

    No one in my team had ever been to South America before but the team at Fantaspoa went out of their way to make the whole experience beautiful. Whenever we needed help with anything they were there and as a result we never felt lost or confused but instead were sort of whisked along for this endless film festival adventure. Every day was filled with films and socializing and food and drink and by the time we left we wanted nothing more then to just stay forever.

    There were several venues, all pretty close by and all highly suitable for screenings. The technical presentation was high quality. Screenings were generally very well attended, showing a strong built-in film audience.

    Take this all to mean: apply to Fantaspoa. I know I will again. And again, and again.

    May 2022
  • Adam William Cahill

    It was an honour and pleasure to screen Follow the Dead at this prestigious festival. To share our Irish film with a Brazilian audience was a dream come true, and the response to the film was overwhelming. This is a tremendous festival with an incredible team behind it. We're sorry to have missed being there because of Covid travel restrictions, but hopefully one day we'll be there with another project.

    May 2022