Martinsville Horrorfest is a horror film festival in southern Va. You can come out and meet and greet celebrities to go with big movie screenings that will be kicked off by the winner of the film festival judging process. This year the big films screening are set. There will be a cast crew screening of Toxic Tutu followed by a screening of The Toxic Avenger. Mark Torgl aka Melvin the Mop Boy from The Toxic Avenger will be on hand along with Toxic Tutu's Joe Nardelli and from Survivor Johnny Fairplay. Also on hand will be many local indie filmmakers. With this years theme being Toxic TuTu the entry fee for films will be $22.

The winner chosen during the judging process will have their short film screened to open the double feature of Toxic Tutu and The Toxic Avenger! The winner will also be awarded $50
Judges will are Mark Torgl aka Melvin the Mop Boy himself, Joe Nardelli, and Derek Young.

All films must be submitted on a dvd in NTSC format so it can be played on a dvd player in the USA.
All submissions must be post marked no later than July 31st, 2017.
All filmmakers will provide promotional packages including synopsis, press release, and poster art.
All filmmakers that would like their poster hung for their screening must send poster art once accepted at least a week before the show date or it will not be hung.
All filmmakers must promote their films screening at the festival to let fans and friends know it will be screening at the show.
All films must have been completed no further back than 2015.
All films must be of the horror genre!