MOSCA – Cambuquira Short Film Festival takes place at an old street cinema that remained closed for about 20 years and was brought back to life in 2001 as a cultural centre. Cambuquira is a small town located in Brazil, in the countryside of Minas Gerais, known for its mineral water sources.
The programme is composed by brazilian and international short films, Q&As, workshops, children's activities, MOSCA’s Coffee (bar) and itinerant screenings at schools and another cultural centres in Brazil.

1. MOSCA is a film festival competitive just for Popular Jury. The audience can vote to elect the winners of 13th MOSCA – Cambuquira Short Film Festival.

2. For this edition could be released an Official Jury composed for professionals, but this Jury will be exclusively for brazilian short films in its first year.

3. Short films selected for MOSTRA BRASIL (BRAZILIAN SHOWCASE) will compete for the Popular Jury, for services provided by brazilian companies. Besides that, the Official Jury will offer certificate for the brazilian short films.

4. Short films selected for MOSTRA INFANTO JUVENIL (KIDS AND TEENS SHOWCASE) will compete for the Popular Jury. This showcase is composed for brazilian and international films. The Kids and Teens could be programmed in two different showcases this year, to be defined for the selection committee. In this case, both will compete for Popular Jury on its category.

5. Short films selected for MOSTRA INTERNACIONAL (INTERNATIONAL SHOWCASE) will compete for the Popular Jury. The international short films will be screened as special programs, and are eligible for the trophy and certificate of 13th MOSCA Best International Short Film by the Popular Jury.

6. MOSCA doesn’t have prizes in money neither for Popular Jury or Official Jury.

7. The results will be announced at the closing ceremony on Sunday, July 12th, 2020.

1.1. The short films accepted for submissions could be of any category or genre: fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, hybrid (doc and fic), collective creation and kids’ and teen’s short films.
1.2. Films must have a maximum running time of 30 minutes.
1.3. Films must have had its premiere after January 2019.
1.4. The filmmakers can submit more than one short film up to 30 minutes each. The release date must be after January, 2019.
1.5. Short films not spoken or subtitled in Portuguese must have subtitles (or dialogues) in English for submission.
1.6. If your film have some parental rating, please inform us at the entry form. Brazilian Government (Ministry of Justice) has a manual for parental rating accordind their pattern. If the film hasn’t done the rating, it would be indicated according the manual:
1.7. Any doubts about the submission could be checked via email:

2.1. The selected short films will be notified by email till first week of June.
2.2. We ask for a non-disclosure agreement about the film admission in the Festival Selection, until the release of the selected list on MOSCA’s website ( The breach of this agreement will cause the disqualification of the selected short film.
2.3. The selected short films will be screened following the schedule made by our programmers.
2.4. The films that participate of the festival can be also selected for the program MOSCA AT SCHOOL or MOSCA ITINERANT.
2.5. All shooting formats are accepted. The selected films will be screened in HD digital format 1080p (H264 file) or DCP (to confirm).
2.6. Short films not spoken in Portuguese (Brazil), after the selection must send the Dialogues List in English, Spanish or French (with timecode). MOSCA staff will translate the subtitles for Brazilian Portuguese, then it will be required to the producer a copy with subtitles in Portuguese printed on it for the screening, if possible, or a .SRT file with timecode.

3.1. The screenings are free of charge and MOSCA is a nonprofit project.
3.2. It is the exclusive responsibility of the applicant who submits its audiovisual work to
the Festival to ensure compliance with all and any copyright regulations related to music
and images involved in the work submitted.
3.3. By submitting a short film, the author/producer allows the public use of his/her
name, image and film excerpts (up to 2 minutes) from the selected short film as part of
the promotion of 13th MOSCA and further editions.
3.4. The selected short film could be also programmed for screenings at MOSCA’s
itinerant program, including MOSCA AT SCHOOL, outside Cambuquira and in any other
possible screening related to 13th MOSCA with no commercial purposes. The
responsible for the submission could authorize it since the Entry Form.
3.5. Our staff is committed in using the selected films only during 13th MOSCA or
itinerant MOSCA programs. Our staff is not responsible for unduly behavior by others,
whether on the internet or anywhere outside the Festival.
3.6. Our staff can invite any other film to figure in the programme, and those films will
not be voted by popular jury if they do not comply with the regulations (duration and
release date).
3.7. Information about the full MOSCA programme will be available at the website from
June 10th.
3.8. Submitting a film to MOSCA implies unreserved acceptance of the present
regulations. In the event of problems not specified in this Regulations, the 13th
MOSCA’s management will personally evaluate each case.

Cambuquira / São Paulo, February 2020.

Overall Rating
  • Excellent festiva. Thank you for having us!

    December 2020
  • Paula Asprella

    Gran Festival! Muchas Gracias por haber elegido nuestro cortometraje en la Selección oficial.

    December 2020