DokuBaku is the first independent International Documentary Film Festival in Azerbaijan. Since the establishment of the festival 2017, its aim is to present a showcase of handpicked - specially selected documentary films from all over the world in the international program as well as the local competition which aims to support the local filmmakers and non-fiction production.

DokuBaku IDFF supports the screening of the films by the Azerbaijani documentary film directors along with a unique, unrepeatable as-life international documentary film program intended for the general public. The festival includes debates and discussions of local and foreign filmmakers within various fields and film screenings.

The objectives of DokuBaku consist of:
- promoting the development of an independent documentary film industry in Azerbaijan, encouraging local young-amateur and professional filmmakers and cinema lovers;
- creating a platform for documentary films screening and exchange of experience on local and international professionals;
- supporting for the making of new local documentary films;
- encouraging the creation of potential international products.

We believe that DokuBaku has been removing the gap in the cultural life and the cinema community of Azerbaijan. It gives an invaluable result with its individual film program and events for five years.

DokuBaku Film Festival announces the call entry for the 6th edition. The main topic of this year edition is Re≈MC2VOLUTiON/OFF. The festival will take place on 21-25 September, 2022.

Human race does no longer rely on evolution. Today people are more concerned in science, which counterbalances the natural development of species. The speed of life is increasing day by day and slowing it down seems impossible. Our existence on Earth stands no patience – rush, urgency, and promptness have become our reality.

Another problem of today’s society is a lack of energy. In a daily whirlpool of events, people get less and less sources to fill the shortage of inner spiritual strength. Sleep and medication do not help. Some turn to nature and meditation to replenish their body and soul with power. However, we all can be late to the next dawn, if humanity do not reconsider their attitude to time and resources.

The winning film in each category gets the prize which is a unique artwork made by a local artist.

All films in languages other than English should have English subtitles (embedded or .srt)


We invite all the filmmakers to share their ideas on opposition of revolution and evolution for the main competition which is presented in the following categories:
- Best Feature Documentary Film,
- Best Short Documentary Film,
- Best Local Documentary Film,
- Best Documentary Film for Children (DokuKids).

The films submitted to the festival must be completed in 2021-2022.

DokuBaku is a festival aimed at the general public. DokuBaku's public audiences are ticket buyers or those invited by the festival organizers.

Guests of the Festival:
DokuBaku IDFF organizers do not undertake the expenses of festival guests and participants in 2022. During the organization of the festival, the Organizing Committee and Founders retain a right to change this decision on some guests.

General Provisions:
This Regulation was compiled in Azerbaijani and English.
The text in the Azerbaijani language is preferred when there is a contradiction among the texts of the regulations. Participation in DokuBaku involves accepting the terms and conditions unquestionably that is used in these regulations. Any questions and controversy arising during the preparation and implementation of the festival shall be resolved by the organizer of the festival in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Looking forward to seeing you at DokuBaku IDFF 2022.

P.S. The most attentive visitors of our web-site will find a hidden discount code for submission.

Overall Rating
  • José David Apel

    It is a beautiful festival. The organization keeps in touch with you all the time.
    I am very grateful to have participated in the 2021 edition and I recommend the whole film community to participate in DOKUBAKU FF.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Hope to see you again this year!

  • Hot Chilli Films

    Great festival with a great selection of films.
    I’m very glad that we had our film there and we thank the juries for the best documentary award at No Main Competition.
    Hope to be back with another film in the future.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    We are happy to hear such words from you. Good luck to you!

  • Talal Al-Muhanna

    Though the festival was initially postponed, all was fine in the end. The organizers communicated clearly and well about their requirements. Thank you for the invitation!

    May 2021
    Response from festival:

    Hope we will not disappoint anyone during our 6th edition in 2022.