From 21 to 27 November 2019, during the first cold month of the year, we heat you with 7 days of social film.

This year we introduce a short film competttion and we are excited to recieve your film.

We are looking for short films with a social subject or with a global impact.

All films will be screened and you can submit your fiction, documentary or animation.


- Price of the public National
- Price of the public International
- Best Documentary Short Worldwide
- Best Animated Short Worldwide.
- Best Music Video Clip

1. Movie files need to be in H264/mp4 format
2. Movies need to be at least in 1280x720pix or 1920x1080pix (full HD)
3. Running time for short movies: up to fifty minutes
4. Subtitling: unless spoken in Dutch or English, all movies need to have English subtitles.
5. The jury's decision is final.
6. All movies welcome no limit on date