We invite submissions from Latin-America, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, and the United States. Our aim is to present the most outstanding Ibero-American films available and to help them reach international success.

The Seattle Latino Film Festival is a ninth day film and fun filled event that offers participants numerous opportunities to connect with enthusiastic new audiences, fellow filmmakers, industry professionals, non-profit organizations, and the media in beautiful Emerald City.

All the films should be in Spanish, Portuguese, Indigenous Languages, also we invite submit film in English, Italian and France; all need have English subtitles.

Trophy and Certificates will be designed by a local Artist. The festival will also grant the following monetary awards:

Best Narrative Feature - $ 1.500.00 USD
Best Documentary Feature - $ 1.000.00 USD
Best Short Documentary - $ 500.00 USD
Best Short Narrative - $ 500.00 USD
Best Short Animation - $500.00 USD
Audience Award - $ 500.00 USD

Only films completed on or after January 1, 2019 are eligible.

We only accept World, U.S., West Coast, or Northwest Coast Premieres.

Submissions are welcomed from Latin America, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and the United States. All United States entries must be written, directed or produced by a Latino(a) and/or have a theme relevant to the Latino(a) culture.

Acceptable languages are Spanish, Portuguese, Indigenous Languages, Italian, French, or English.

Subtitles are suggested for all submissions, but only required if the film is accepted into the festival. Non-English language films should have English subtitles. English language films should have Spanish subtitles.

Fees are not refundable.

Awards are based on the overall merit of the entry and decisions of the judges are final.

If your film is chosen to show at the Seattle Latino Film Festival, we must receive a high quality subtitled DCP or Blu - Ray no later than 3 weeks prior to the festival screening. Non- English films are required to have English subtitles while English films are required to have Spanish subtitles.

The Festival does not deal with any copyright issues. All copyright issues should be resolved by the film’s authors.

Filmmakers retain 100% their rights to their projects and materials that they submit to the Seattle Latino Film Festival.

Festival organizers have the right to use extracts of the film for promotional purposes

By entering this festival you are agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless SLFF, its officers, affiliates, employees, and partners from any and all claims and/or liability arising out of entering and/or transmitting your film to the Seattle Latino Film Festival.

Overall Rating
  • agamenon quintero

    Excelente festival, espero estar en una próxima edición

    October 2019
  • Luz Creativa

    We were so proud to be in the official selection this year, is a shame that we couln't go. Hopefully we will go with our next project.

    October 2019
  • Anthony Alvarez

    Great festival, hope to make it in person next movie. Thanks to all the staff.

    October 2019
  • Clari Lewis

    A fantastic event with wonderful films, and a true showcase of independent Latino cinema run by a devoted team who love what they do!

    October 2018
  • Great festival! Very happy to be part of the official selection

    October 2018