*** only the CONVENTION is still happening in 2020, not the FILM FEST. Please do NOT submit your films until next year! ***

7th annual MECCAcon 2020 #MECCAcon2020
SATURDAY, September 19, 2020, for the first time fully ONLINE!!

HUGE lineup and programs! Get your tix TODAY!

GUESTS INCLUDE :: Reggie Hudlin, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, N Steven Harris, Alitha Martinez, Greg Anderson Elysée, Brandon Thomas, Carl Reed of Lion Forge, Newton Lilavois, Kenesha Williams, Bryan Edward Hill, Kris X, Selwyn Hinds, Larry Stroman, Tony Puryear, The Mad Twiinz, The Udeh Brothers, Kevin WAK Williams, Bizhan Khodabandeh, Khary Randolph, Chuck DragonBlack Collins, Dorphise Jean, Aiesha Little, Kimson Albert, Deidre Hollman, Ka’ramuu Kush, Dewunmi Roye Okupe, David Walker, Ezra Claytan Daniels, Troy-Jeffrey Allen, Nick Allen, Whitney Taylor, Joe Illidge, TaLynn Kel, Kadiatou Tubman, Nicole Smith, Bill Johnson, Michael Flood, Lynne Marie, Tyrone Jackson, Deirdre Hollman, Brian Johnson, Games on Krack’s Krack & Slapz, BeddoArt, Chris Herod, Maia Crown Williams, and many more!

7th annual MECCAcon 2020 #MECCAcon2020
SATURDAY, Sept 19th, 11am – 7pm EST

11 VAULT OF MIDNIGHT: Comic Shop Spotlight- Live at their downtown Detroit location. Kienuwa Davis, Mary Harvey

11 MY EYES ARE GREEN : Planter Spotlight - Sister Sunflower, PlantBlerd, BlackPlantChick

12 ORGANIZED NOIZE: Black Comic Con Spotlight – Deirdre Hollman, Elgin Bokari, Aiesha Little, Kadiatou Tubman, Victor Dandridge (HOST)

12 MECCAcon FINE ARTS Panel Series – Danny Simmons, Kevin WAK Williams, Chris Herod, Maia Crown Williams (HOST)

1 LADIES FIRST: A Black Nerds’ Sista Circle – TaLynn Kel, Stephanie Williams, Nicole Smith, Kenesha Williams, Maia Crown Williams (HOST)

1 BACK2BLACK Panel Series #1 – Newton Lilavois, Roye Okupe, Jamar Nicholas, Nick Allen, Chuck Collins, JM Hunter, Kofi Brown, Troy Allen (HOST)

2 BACK2BLACK Panel Series #2 – Joe Illidge, Carl Reed, David Crownson, BeddoArt, Tyrone Jackson, Devon Camel, Troy-Jeffrey Allen (HOST)

2 GANGSTA RAP MADE ME DO IT: The Artivism of Comics panel – Bizhan Khodabandeh, Ezra Daniels, D-Nick, Tony Puryear, Whitney Taylor Becker, Victor Dandridge (HOST)

3 BLACK FILMMAKERS Panel Series #1 – Yolonda Ross, Ka’Ramuu Kush, Shawn Antoine II, Dehanza Rogers, Solomon Onita, J, Victor Dandridge (HOST)

3 GAMES ON KRACK / THE 4CAST : Live Podcast – Krack Diesel, Young Slapz

4 BACK2BLACK Panel Series #3 – David Walker, Sebastian Jones, Greg Elysee, Jason Piperberg, Dorphise Jean, Brian Johnson, Victor Dandridge (HOST)

4 HEROES UNLIMITED : Black Cosplay panel series – Bill Johnson, Lynne Marie, Michael Flood, TaLynn Kel (HOST)

5 BACK2BLACK : Follow The Leader panel – Alitha Martinez, Larry Stroman, Brandon Thomas, N Steven Harris, Khary Randolph, Andre Owens, Bryan Edward Hill, Maia Crown Williams (HOST)

5 BLACK MEN IN MEDIA round table – Damon Young, Selwyn Hinds, Kris Ex, Troy-Jeffrey Allen (HOST)

6 BLACK FILMMAKERS Panel Series #2 – Reggie Hudlin, Ntare Guma Mbaho Gwine, Evita Castine, Korstiaan Vandiver, Bobby Yan, Maia Crown Williams (HOST)

6 BLACK ANIMATORS Panel Series – Kimson Albert, Saxton Moore, Allyssa A Lewis, Onyi Udeh, Obichukwu Udeh, Mike Davis, Mark Davis, Chuck Collins (HOST)


Bios :: bit.ly/meccacon7
Celebrate the HERU in YOU!

FilmFreeway.com/MECCAconIFF for tickets and upcoming schedule

MECCAcon International Film Festival, aka MECCAcon IFF, founded in 2014 and registered under Ava DuVernay's company ARRAY, highlights independent films starring & from creators of the African diaspora. Short films are primary, but feature films have been added as well. We always have some of the best filmmakers in our festivals. We believe in showcasing GREATNESS to the public eye! Filmmakers in the past have included but aren’t limited to: Jackie JJ Stone, Yolonda Ross, Evita Castine, Bobby Yan, Stefon Bristol, Nadia Sasso, Jay Woo, Mariama Diallo, Darius Clark Monroe, Sanicole, James Bland, Xavier Burgin, Derek Dow, Ka’ramuu Kush, dream hampton, Wi-Moto Nyoka, Jahni Kwatre, Donnie Leapheart, Gabrielle Tesfaye, Eliciana Nascimento, Nosa Igbideon, Rodney Stringfellow, Korstiaan Vandiver, Daye Rogers, Rashad Frett, and many more.

Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts - MECCA, aka MECCAcon, is a large comic book/literacy convention and international film festival held annually in Detroit, MI. The primary reason M.E.C.C.A was established was to instill knowledge primarily in the younger art culture.

While our convention is now fully online, our film festival portion has unfortunately been postponed until 2021. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR FILMS IN THIS YEAR.

Overall Rating
  • Rodney Stringfellow

    The quality of the films and the theater were absolutely excellent!

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much, brotha. Truly! It meant quite a lot to have you here.

  • MeccaCon International Film Festival does a great job of creating a supportive, community driven space for filmmakers of color. It's easy to network and build in and outside of the event. There was even a wellness center that was part of the festival and it was incredible. The festival really aims to showcase and take care of the artists involved.

    September 2019
    Response from festival:

    Massively appreciate you, Wi-Moto. Thank you for your constant professionalism and support each and every year!