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JOHNNY VEGAS, one of the biggest names in British comedy presented the CPIFF Awards 20/21, he said about CPIFF: "Frankly, I've been totally overwhelmed, it's phenomenal!"

Writer of The Simpsons since it began, Mike Reiss, said: “YOU RUN THE VERY BEST FILM FESTIVAL WE'VE EVER BEEN TO - AND WE'VE BEEN TO A LOT! CPIFF is a very casual setting but there’s nothing casual about how it’s put together and how high the quality of the films are. They filled the house, there’s food and drink everywhere, it’s been A LOT of fun every night – it's really top notch.”

EMI RECORDS sponsor the CPIFF Award for Best Music Video with president Rebecca Allen personally picking the winner.

Music legend PAUL WELLER said about CPIFF: "I've loved it, it's inspiring and we need it, the whole independent movement is a wonderful thing."

Every year, filmmakers who attend many festivals comment on the stand out nature and the higher quality of film at CPIFF compared to other festivals.

Katie Young, film critic: “I go to a lot of film festivals and CPIFF definitely feels unique and has its own vibe. There’s a huge turn out, the venue is incredible, you’ve got the bar, the lovely food, the smells in here are amazing, everyone’s having a good time – you don’t get this anywhere else, it’s brilliant!”

James Webber, renowned UK Director: “It’s fantastic, a really great festival. I’ve had 4 films screened here now and as always it’s a full house, sold out audiences. There’s nothing worse than seeing only filmmakers and then just empty seats; it’s not like that here and that’s why it’s worth submitting to and attending.”

Established in 2009, Crystal Palace International Film Festival (CPIFF) screens only the very best of the Independent film it receives. We vigilantly curate our selections so a night of short films, for example, offers one after another of pure quality, an eclectic mix of genres combined with amazing food and drink in fab venues, making every night a social evening to remember. This is why a lot of our nights sell out well in advance. Let's face it: filmmakers want an audience and the public want to be entertained; unlike other festivals - we provide both!

We do NOT require a premiere as we want to support the filmmaker not our own ego and this restricts their choice. When selected by CPIFF your film has a stamp of quality and will be seen by a sizable audience. We are also now the ONLY film festival to have films screened on LONDON LIVE TV channel (permission always sought) because, again, the quality we send is so much higher than all the other London festivals who previously put films forward.

Submit your film for a chance of winning a coveted CPIFF Award at the Finale of this film extravaganza, it will delight you. With themed evenings, awesome food in amazing venues, CPIFF stands out from the standard Fayre of film festival and importantly is inspiring the public to really appreciate independent film.

Winners receive a coveted CPIFF Award for best in category presented at the amazing CPIFF Awards.
The Croydon and Wandsworth Rising Star winners also receive £500!

Judges include:- Rebecca Allen - President of EMI Records! UK's top comedian, writer and producer: Johnny Vegas, Sony award winning comedian, author and columnist: Mark Steel, Peppa Pig creator: Neville Astley, Producer: Beverley Dixon, Bafta winning writer Brian Dooley plus many more.

By submitting to the Festival, you agree to the following: Images from the film can be used in CPIFF (Crystal Palace International Film Festival) publications, the CPIFF website and all other media outlets related to CPIFF publicity and you indemnify CPIFF against any responsibilities incurred by the screening of this film. CPIFF can keep the preview footage for its archive film libraries for viewing at the festival. Within a short period from the festival starting films cannot be withdrawn. E.G. if we have gone to print and/or announced the screening schedule and/or publicised such materials that would be affected by a withdrawal.

Films must be submitted to CPIFF by the stated deadline
Please note that information given on the submission form may be used by CPIFF for publications.
CPIFF accepts no responsibility if the information provided is inaccurate.
Please note that submissions entered will NOT be returned.

Overall Rating
  • Mark P 2

    An excellent all round experience during what has been a tough year for festivals. Really appreciated you guys postponing the festival in favour of putting on a physical screening. Was so worth it! Packed out screening!

    December 2021
  • Andrew St Maur

    Amazing time at CPIFF, great selection of films! Can't wait to come back!

    November 2021
  • Nick Hayes

    Fantastic film festival, really well organised. 5*

    November 2021
  • Adriel Thomas

    Great festival - event and cinema were amazing and we were lucky enough to win Best Feature Film at the awards show. Organisers were a dream to work with and we hope to apply with future films again.

    November 2021
  • Shawn Harris

    Such a cool festival with true movie lovers running all the events. Thank you for screening our film on the big screen. We were honored to be a part of CPIFF!

    October 2021