Here Be Dragons is seeking out the newest, strangest and most exciting in new genre film from all over the world. If you have made a film or script that explores the uncharted, breaks through boundaries or experiments with the impossible, we want to hear from you. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Hauntology, Speculative Fiction, Magical Social Realism, Noir-But-With-Cats – whatever you've got, if it's different, we want to know about it.

We will be showing our winning films to the thousands of geeks who gather every year at the Nine Worlds Geekfest, as well as film professionals associated with LIFF, BFI, Wotever and more.

New doesn't mean young, fantasy doesn't mean elves, horror doesn't mean brown notes and the future doesn't have to be Blade Runner. We know there are filmic wonders to be found out there beyond the edge of the cinematic map, and we want to find them and champion them.

We also like dragons.

Here Be Dragons is the new name for the Nine Worlds Film Festival, which has been attached to the fantastically popular Nine Worlds Geekfest - the largest residential sci-fi convention in England - for the past three years.

We programme a mix of brand new shorts and features, talks, panels, midnight movies, games and old favourites, all with free popcorn, and with beanbags covering the whole of our screening room. Here Be Dragons is the most comfortable way to present the best in new genre film-making around.

Best Sci-Fi Short
Best Fantasy Short
Best Horror Short
Best Feature Film
Best Screenplay
Audience Award
Most Original Idea
Most Awesome Moment
Best FX

Do not worry about which genre your film fits neatly in to - all submitted films will automatically qualify for all relevant categories.

The festival reserves the right to alter the competition categories, but we will do so only based on the submissions we recieve.

All official film selections, screened at the festival, get one free weekend ticket to Nine Worlds Geekfest (worth £100).

We reserve the right to use accepted films in any way to promote Nine Worlds Geekfest, and the Nine Worlds Film Festival. Films will only be shown at Nine Worlds Geekfest, for the year they were submitted.

There is no allocation for transportation or accommodation.