Equality festival was created at 2014 as the platform where culture, creativity and social activism can meet and connect in a variety of combinations. It`s annual event in Ukraine that unite diverse people in their fight against prejudice and discrimination. Our goal is to provide a space and interactive discussion platform for different identities. We want to live in society where dialogue is possible and violence is unacceptable. Together we will be able to build social dialogue in Ukraine, using art as the one of the most effective methods to combat prejudices against different social groups.

The Festival program includes screenings of short and documentary films, not previously presented in Ukraine, photo-projects and art exhibitions, performances of Ukrainian artists, social theater, TED-talks, concerts, party and many other events.

Awards & Prizes

This is a social event, which does not imply any awards or prizes

Rules & Terms

We are looking for short and documentary films raising the topics of human rights, rights and lifestyle of LGB, transgender and intersex people, people from ethnical minorities, homeless and internally displaced people, people with disabilities and other such groups.
We would be happy to screen films, that have not yet been screened in Ukraine

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    NaCho GarSan

    They selected my film and then, when the moment of truth came, they said they did not have enough space for all the selected films.

    September 2017
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    2A Produções Artísticas

    Muito Bom!!! Muito Bom!!! Muito Bom!!! Muito Bom!!! Muito Bom!!! Muito Bom!!!

    July 2017
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    Diane Nta

    Hello!I didn't find your Facebook page, I was selected in 2016 and wanted to check if you actually screened my film or not, thanks to send a link here!Diane

    May 2017
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    Fritz Kohle

    its said we were selected but no communication at all from the festival

    May 2017
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    devarshi barot

    It's nice to being part of it! Great!

    April 2017