This film festival is a celebration of the experimental microshort. What counts as a microshort? Anything under 3 minutes. What counts as experimental? Almost anything so long as it is outside of the mainstream. Maybe it's something unclassifiable, weird, confusing, non-linear. Perhaps it's animated. Perhaps it's live action. It's all good. But the main thing is that it be truly unique.

Your video will be displayed on a loop throughout the month of March with an opening on March 7th in the exhibition space that is DAS NYC located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Best Micro Short wins a free pizza at Roberta's.

Must be less than 3 minutes. Must be weird. You must have the rights to any audio.

Overall Rating
  • Saulo Alencastre

    Killer microshorts! Be quick or be dead!

    April 2020
  • Michael Lyons

    Thanks for supporting experimental film!

    April 2020
  • Davide Vanacore

    Feel honoured that my film is selected and exhibited in Digital Art Space, Brooklyn. Many thanks for the precious opportunity!

    April 2020