This year marks the first annual Baton Rouge Horror Film Festival. With Louisiana being the number one state in the country for major motion picture production, it's no surprise that this state holds some of the largest film festivals in the country as well.
In association with some of the biggest known film festivals, the BRHF Festival hopes to bring even more attention to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, not only through exposure for it's home grown talent, but as an international HUB for all things HORROR! We welcome films and artists from all over the world to submit their films, or to simply attend the festival this year and get a glimpse into the south's most notorious state for horror film locations.

Overall Rating
  • Dominique Rochon

    What an awesome team! I enjoyed my relationship with BTHFF, very enthousiasm and quick to answer any questions. One thing I would recommend is to have more diversity in their program in the following years. They probably had budget constraints, which can explain that the organizers were also part of film presented and panels.

    I haven't noted hospitality and networking as I didn't have the money to travel to Louisiana.

    Merci beaucoup Baton Rouge and hope to screen another project at your festival!

    May 2016