The Nonprofit Association "LABORATORIO DEI SOGNI" organizes in 2019 the 9th edition of the "KALAT NISSA FILM FESTIVAL", an international competition that will take place in CALTANISSETTA [SICILY].

The festival is an international contest that involve Italian and foreign filmmakers, Schools, Institutes, Associations and Societies that have produced short films.

- The following sections are provided:
Award for the best short film that answers any subject

- Fixed theme: "I DIFFER FROM WHO?"
Award for the best short film that answers the proposed theme, in its broader acceptance, in enhancing diversity or disability, against intolerances, prejudices and commonplace. Short films of foreign authors who do not adopt the Italian language or subtitles in Italian must be in English or subtitled in English.

- Fixed theme: "COMICS"
Award for best comedy short comedy with an ironic comedy style theme. The video will be rewarded for judging by the jury as the most original for one or more aspects.
Short films of foreign authors who do not adopt the Italian language or subtitles in Italian must be in English or subtitled in English.

Animation shorts that do not use the Italian language or subtitles in Italian must be in English or subtitled in English.

- Each short film must have a maximum duration of 25 minutes, including head and tail titles for all sections.
- The competition jury will award the following prizes:
- "Kalat Nissa – Gold Antenna 2019" Award: Best Short Film (1st Absolute Prize)
€ 1000,00 (Offered by the Cinema and Cultural Association "Laboratorio dei sogni" - Cl)
- "Gessolungo" Award: At the best short section: "Free Theme"
- "Trabonella" Prize: At the Best Short Section: "I Differ From Who?"
- "Tripisciano" Award: Best Comics Short Film
Award "Redentore": The best short film of "Animation"
The following prizes will also be awarded
- Best Director
- Best Screenplay
- Best Photography
- Improved Mounting
- Best Actor / Actress star
Short Films will be placed on Streaming sites and the best shorts will be screened within the Association's Festival partners
- 5th edition of "Gustando il Cinema" in Varese (ITA)
- 6th edition of "Pazmany Film Festival" taking place in Budapest (HU)
- 6th edition of the "Wama Film Festival" in Olsztyn (PL)
- 18th edition of Mittel Cinema Fest taking place in Budapest (HU)
- Kalat on Tour taking place in different places of Italy and world

Other cathegory: Trailer Feature Film Trailer Award
- "Rosso di San Secondo" Award: Best Cinematographic Trailer -
From 2018 it will be awarded a prize at the "Best Movie Trailer" for feature films of a minimum duration of 60 minutes.
• Other sections, events, projections, and prizes can be added later.

For the seventh consecutive year, thanks to the collaboration between KALAT NISSA FILM FESTIVAL, CESMA - LAMBDA, was established the prestigious:
For more information and to participate in the Sound Prize selections:

- The registration costs € 5,00 for each submitted work.

The expiration date is 28 FEBRUARY 2019.

Short films of foreign authors who do not adopt the Italian language or subtitles in Italian must be in English or subtitled in English.

- The short films submitted will be part of the Archive of the "Laboratory of Dreams" cinematic and cultural association, created for educational and cultural purposes, and to give all the archived footage the greatest possible visibility. Cancellation from this archive is required by written notice by postal mail.
- All rights to short films will always be owned by the Author and the Rights Holder.
- For reasons of force majeure, for technical-organizational problems or for improvements or in the case of unexpected exceptions, the organization may modify this Regulation by providing information on
- Sending the online card participation card implies the full and unconditional acceptance of this regulation. Data processing should also be signed.
- All news regarding the reception of the work, the selection stages, the award date and any other useful news will be communicated to the promoters websites and
- The Court of Caltanissetta is responsible for any dispute.
- For further information, please write to:, or call +39 338 8146512 (Ita-Fra) or +39 339 7108468 (Ita -Ing)

Additional informative notes (form an integral part of the notice):
1) To fill in the Registration Form, download it from the website: (in Italian) and (in English) in pdf format.
2) Check that each page of the Inscription Card sent is signed: you must sign each sheet at the end of the page, otherwise the inscription is invalid. The card provides 3-page printing; all the pages at the bottom of the sheet must be signed, excluded from the competition and sent the card (scanned and saved in pdf format) to the mail:
4) In the Registration Form (page 3) partial streaming permission is required for a maximum of 2 minutes (depending on the length of the short film), so it is strongly recommended that you enter a self-produced trailer.
5) The Board of Directors of the organizing association reserves the right to suspend or modify the event if it deems it necessary.
6) The authors of the selected works for the competition will be informed by e-mail or by telephone by: MAY 2019. By that date you will still be able to find the full list of the selected works on the site of the Association and its partners.

Overall Rating
  • Accademia Togliani

    Wonderful people and gorgeous hospitality!

    May 2020
  • fiSOlofia Corto

    Veramente un festival prestigioso, con ospiti di altissimo livello. Ottima l'accoglienza dello staff, bellissima la serata finale di premiazione nella splendida cornice del Teatro prinicipale della città.

    June 2018