TopShot International Film Festival is Poland festival with live screenings. Every season we select the best films to be shown at cinema Kino Muranów. We understand how much work and hope goes into the films, and we really want them to be seen.

We believe if you surround yourself with beautiful things, you can make your life harmonious. Aesthetics should be in everything from everyday things to Art. Cinema is the quintessence of all the arts and that's why we value it above all. There has to be a balance in everything: the story, the visuals, the music and of course the acting. If this is your work, we look forward to seeing it!

Getting to know the author and the audience is very important. Therefore, each season the authors of the best film will be interviewed, which is then promoted on our website and social networks. All winners will be awarded certificates of victory

Every season we have one winner per category. The winner of the year will receive a cash prize of USD 1000

Best Short Film
Best Feature Film
Best Student Film
Best Animation Film
Best Documentary
Best Experimental Film
Best Music Video
Best Women's Film
Best Educational Film
Best One Minute Film
Best Silent
Best Comedy
Best Drama
Best Thriller
Best Horror
Best Web Program / Web Series
Best Commercial
Best Photography
Best Poster
Best Short Script
Best Feature Script
Best Director
Best Producer
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Cinematography
Best Original Score
Best Scenography
Best Costume Design

- All non-English language films must be subtitled in English
- You must own the rights or have permission from the owner to submit a film
- Entry fees are non-refundable
- The Festival has the right to change the date of the event
- You authorise the Festival to show your film live in the screening if your film wins the monthly competition
- Not all of the winning films are included in the screening program
- All winners have the right to request a winner's certificate
- You may only apply through the FilmFreeWay platform
- Films that doesn't match category will be disqualified
- All entries in the personal categories must include the person's name and category
- You authorise TopShot festival to use your work and materials of it on our social media
- If your film is selected to be screened at our event you must provide subtitles in Polish

Overall Rating
  • Inês Mendes da Silva

    This is a wonderful festival and we look forward to submitting in the future.
    Thank you for supporting our documentary
    "Echoes from the city of the dead".

    April 2023
  • Thank you TopShot International Film Festival for a great all around experience!

    March 2023
  • Roman Stolyar

    Deep thanks to the TopShot festival for selecting our short movie "Postcards from Mostar"!

    March 2023
  • Jim Zounis

    Even though we couldn't attend the event, it was such a great honor to have our short selected to participate in the "Topshot International Film Festival". Thank you all so much.

    March 2023
  • TopShot is an extremely well-run festival. The communication and professionalism were top-notch. They festival should thrive in the future. Keep up the great work!

    March 2023