The Moving Body–Moving Image Biennale Festival gives voice to social justice themes in the hybrid form of filmmaking, also called ScreenDance. The thematic Festival was founded in 2018 by Gabri Christa, who is also the curator. The inaugural Festival's theme focussed on the representation of the moving brown body.

The third edition of the Moving Body - Moving Image Festival focuses on the MOVING BODY with DISABILITIES and its representation on Screen, and will take place in Spring 2022. The hybrid festival features film screenings, installations, a panel and guest speakers and takes place on-line and at Barnard College of Columbia University in NYC.

Official Jury selection laurels.

To be considered for selection:
- The film must depict MOVERS WITH DISABILITIES on screen, as interpreted by the filmmaker.
- The film must have artists who identify as people living with disabilities as choreographer, producer, writer, performer, or other important role in the film.
- The film submitted must have dance or other forms of movement as the main language.
- The Film must be a SHORT film (under 30 minutes).
- Feature length may be considered and will be considered.

Other categories:
we also accept
Virtual Reality or other new technology if within the theme

AUDIO only might be also be accepted if fitting in to the theme.

By submitting to the Moving Body - Moving Image Festival, the Filmmaker confirms that they have all necessary legal authority and rights required to submit their film, and to publicly screen said film in the case of acceptance.

Moving Body- Moving Image is not a “premiere” festival meaning that your film does not have to be a premiere to be accepted nor does it need to be from a recent year.
We do not accept works in progress.

Preview format must be through secure online screeners.
Non-English language films must be subtitled in English.
If selected, films must be fully captioned for accessibility purposes.