Founded in 1996, the St Barth Film Festival is an important showcase for Caribbean Cinema. Besides the screenings of feature-length and short films, the festival organizes film-in-the-schools programs so island students may discover filmmaking as both a career option and a tool of cultural expression. The festival also hosts a roundtable discussion on Caribbean cinema, thus facilitating exchanges and collaborations among industry professionals in the region and beyond. The festival usually takes place the last week of April on the French Caribbean island of St Barthélemy. All films and videos in the festival are presented in their original language and sub-titled in French.

The St Barth Film festival focuses on features and documentaries with a direct connection to the Caribbean basin. While we interpret the idea of the Caribbean basin broadly, all films we show either have a Caribbean theme or are by Caribbean artists. We accept films in DVD, BluRay or DCP formats.

St Barth is a French-speaking island; all films we show must be sub-titled in French, if not already in French. We are not equipped to provide French subtitling of films we receive in an other language than French.