2019-2020 Yearly Winners (Best of the Quarterly Festival Winners)
Best Feature Film - Drama - Mambo Man
Best Feature Film - Documentary - The Baddest Men In The Room
Outstanding Work by a Woman Filmmaker - The Passport
Best Drama - Mid-length - Still Young
Best Documentary Short-Midrange- 5x7
Best Documentary Short - L’EAU EST LA VIE (Water is Life): from Standing Rock to the Swamp
Best Student Documentary Short - The Altruistic Expatriates
Best Drama Short - Belonging
Best Comedy Short - Flicker Free
Best Horror Short - The Desecrated
Best Animated Short - Kaeru
Best Student Short - Suze
Best Poster - Time Crisis

The Save Your Eyes Film Festival is a quarterly competition that is committed to bringing attention to worthy works of film and photography. Filmmakers of all levels - even beginners - are welcome, and will compete for a chance to take home festival awards.

We are the SAVE YOUR EYES FILM FESTIVAL, and we feel that great visual works (film and photography) deserve to be celebrated. We are not your typical awards event. Rather than only celebrating works once a year, our quarterly festivals give entrants a chance to compete for awards in each category (four times per year). These winners will then go on to compete for the Annual Awards, that are presented at our live screening and awards night in July (2020).

All of our quarterly award winners will be invited to attend the screening and awards presentation. Not all winning films will screen at the event, but all will be celebrated.

•Awards & Prizes
Each category (feature, midlength, short) will have the following awards (subject to change) available per quarter (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring).

Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Documentary

MID-LENGTH FILMS (20-39 mins)
Best Drama
Best Comedic
Best Horror
Best Documentary Short - Midrange

SHORT FILM (Less than 20 mins)
Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Animated
Best Horror
Best Student
Best Student Documentary Short

Outstanding Woman Filmmaker
Best Poster - photography contest

Winners will also be announced on our social media page and our website.
Organizers reserve the right to not present awards in categories that did not receive a competitive number or quality of films.

Rules & Terms
Save Your Eyes Film Fest accepts narrative, documentary, animation and experimental films. Quarterly Awards will be given out. Winners will go on to compete as Semi-Finalists for the Yearly Awards and Best Film Awards.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
All films must be in English or have English subtitles.
No limit on number of submissions or production date.
Additional Categories are only available after a main category has been entered.

All films must have an online screener.
Filmmakers retain the rights to their films.
Filmmakers are responsible for acquiring copyrights, licenses and releases for media used in their films.
Judges' decisions are final, and may not be appealed

By submitting their film, filmmakers gives SAVE YOUR EYES the right to post their posters, trailers, website and social media links on our website during consideration and going forward.