This festival is held by taking an approach to identify and criticize safety related issues within the society and modern methods of safety creation.

Safe Community global film festival is the first independent festival aimed to develop and provide techniques for development of culture of safety in Iran.

Thus initially this question rises that: what are the merits of global development of cinema and Safe Community?

Safe Community is among the most important discussions of the day. Safety and health are regarded as basic human rights, regardless of age, gender and/or level of literacy. A country with higher rate of safety has a higher chance of success.
Introduction and criticism of safe community (SC) in Iran and in World. Introduction of various aspects of SC to people, development of culture of safety in society, creation of safety discourse among various groups
Educating society about safety methods, probable encountered problems, modern safety methods, etc.

The best film and best director in each section (fiction, documentary, and animation) receive honorary diploma, Festival Statute, and cash prize:

Best Fiction
Best Director of fiction film
Best Documentary
Best director of documentary film
Best Animation
Best director of Animation film
More awards might be added depends on our sponsors and supports.
All selected film will get participate certification

The aim of this Festival is to portray all the different aspects and widest meanings of the “Safe community” through movies.

We concerned with issues like:

Safe roads and urban places

Safe schools and living places

Safety of children, elderly and disables

Health, hygiene and safe community

Information technology, communication, smartization and safe community

Culture of citizenship and safe community

Environmental issues and preparation for natural disasters

Violence and suicide prevention

Here are our fields in details:

Safety and urban transportation
Safe sidewalks
Safe urban roads
Safe and clean transportation
Safety and standards of vehicles
Safe community and traffic codes
Health, hygiene, environment, and safe community
Trauma care
Provision of medical services in order to prevent and control medical disorders
Safe community and mental and physical health
Safe community and nutrition
Safety in urban and public places
Improvement of environmental safety with a focus on modern approaches (especially at schools, religious places, etc.)
Safety and urban services
Role of urban services in community safety
Safe community and environment
Safe urban design and planning
Urban landscape and visual and psychological tranquility
Effective factors of safety improvement in urban design and planning (especially people with disabilities and impairment, the elderly, etc.)
Effect of urban lighting and lighting design on urban safety
Securing urban facilities in order to prevent accidents
Information technology, communication, smartization, and safe community
Application of IT and communications in identification, record, and analysis of information of incidents
Smartization and safe community
The role of information technology, communications, and smartization in web safety.
Culture of citizenship and safe community
Educating public and its contribution to safe community
Culture of citizenship and the role of citizens in promoting safety in society
Citizenship rights and safe community
Religious educations and safe community
Risk and safety management
Indicators of risk taking management of urban disasters
Preventive measures for urban risks
Initial and secondary risks rising from climate change in a region

Instructions, structural and artistic features, festival calendar, and the address for submission of your film are as follows:

Features of admissible works

Comprehensive features:

Films must have been made within the past three years.
Short films and animations must be maximum 30 mins and documentaries 40 mins in length.
Copy of the submitted film is not returned.
Planning and films screening order is decided by the secretariat of the festival.
After submission to the secretariat, films cannot be withdrawn from the screening order.
The festival secretariat is authorized to display received films in other dependent events within or outside the boundaries of the country.
Non-English films must have English subtitle.
Submission of films

Submission of films
Films must be written as data files only by the specified formats on any of the following: blue ray disk, SD card, flash memory, HDD, DVD9, or DVD (data).
Film makers can fill out the participation form on the website of the festival and submit a download link for their works.
In this festival, we intend to save time and money through online submission of works and advertisement and protect the environment.
Admissible file formats:

Avi, mp4, MPEG4 (H.264)

Overall Rating
  • "This is a great festival my film was in. This Festival was professional and communicated extremely well. Looking forward to submitting again. Highly recommend"

    March 2017