*We are currently accepting submissions for our 2020 event!*

Santorini Film Festival - Indie Films Under the Stars welcomes you to the island of beautiful sunsets, for a night of celebrating remarkable independent cinema.

Santorini Film Festival, the first international independent film festival on the island is open to any indie filmmaker, regardless of budget, style or genre, who is looking for a platform to share their work with an audience eager to see great films.

We look forward to showing your films at Cinema Kamari, an open air cinema, where the cinema fans can come together and immerse themselves in your stories, under the starry sky of Santorini. The perfect setting to have some cocktails and engage in conversation with fellow filmmakers and festival goers.

After the screenings we will continue with an afterparty and networking event.

We are hosting our third edition at Cinema Kamari on June 17 2020!


SFF is run in association with Close:Up, a collection of international film festivals supporting indie filmmaking. By establishing a working network among filmmakers, producers and marketing professionals, we share one common goal: to forge productive and lasting relationships between independent filmmakers and audiences.

A selection of films will be nominated for awards in different categories, and will receive official selection laurels. The winners of the awards will be announced at the festival and our website the following day.

Our judging panel consists of filmmakers, producers and other individuals who work in the film industry. We also offer writing critiques and reviews for your film.

All winners will receive customised laminated certificates, The Santorini Film Festival Trophy alongside other "goodies" and perks.

Submission Categories:

Best Greek Film

Best Feature Film

Best Short Film

Best Feature Documentary

Best Short Documentary

Best Drama

Best Comedy

Best Experimental

Best Writer

Best Director

Best Cinematographer

Best Producer

Best Screenwriter

Best Music

Best Music Video

Our Terms and Conditions must be read in full prior to your submission.

1. We require all films to be screened in MP4 or .Mov format.

2. All films not in English must have English subtitles.

3. We don't accept films that are made before 2015.

4. You grant us the right to publish your trailer, film poster on our website and Facebook page.

5. By sending your film you confirm that there are no copyright infringements on your behalf, and we take no responsibility in this matter.

6. We only accept online screeners.

7. Feature Films are longer than 45 minutes in length and short films are less than 45 minutes in length.

8. By submitting you agree to our terms and conditions and give us permission to use your email address for marketing purposes. Your data will never be shared with 3rd parties.

Overall Rating
  • An excellent film festival in Greece in a beautiful setting.

    November 2018
  • Florent Agostini

    Wonderful staff and venue. Glad to have met you last summer.
    Congratulations for your event !


    September 2018
  • Antoine LAURENS

    Thanks !
    It wa an honor to be part of your festival !
    All my best


    July 2018
  • Although the festival only just had its first edition, they where very professional! Communication was great. Thank you!

    July 2018
  • Louis Benoit

    Great evening. Lovely cinema.

    June 2018