In 2023 we are only accepting screenplays and tv pilots.

We are seeking scripts with character driven plots. Insightful stories relying on human expression more than special effects.

While other festivals/competitions offer trophies and certificates as prizes, we offer the opportunity for in-person recognition at local festivals, as well as one on one consultations with literary managers and producers. Our goal is to help you write the best story you can and find the best way to market it.

Laurels are offered as well.

Participating NC Film Festivals:
(Travel and lodging is not included)

Longleaf Film Festival Raleigh, NC
Longleaf Film Festival will offer winners 2 free VIP tickets to their opening reception, which will be held on Friday, May 12, 2023 at the North Carolina Museum of History. They will announce the winning Bull City Film Fest screenwriters at the reception and/or the Movies-N-Moonlight event, which follows the reception, and have them stand for recognition. The festival continues through Saturday May 13th.

Beaufort, North Carolina Film Festival on the Carolina coast. November 2023 (exact dates TBD) Award winners receive a pair of All Access Passes (a $150 value) to the Beaufort Film Festival.

We invite writers from all countries to submit their scripts to The Bull City Screenplay Competition. Below are the terms and conditions for the competition:

- Feature Length Screenplay Any Genre (60-120 pages)
*Screenplays that exceed 120 pages will not be accepted.

-TV Scripts Any Genre up to 60 pages
*Scripts that exceed 60 pages will not be accepted.

- All scripts must be submitted in English.
- All scripts must be written in script format- no outlines.
- All submission fees must be paid in U.S. dollars.
- All script and payment submissions will be made online only.
- All applicants will receive an email confirmation confirming screenplay was received.
- All scripts must be the original work of the author(s) with no restrictions from a third party.
- All scripts must be in a pdf format with a title page that clearly states the title.
- Scripts will not be eligible if they have been sold, produced for profit or optioned.
- Only original scripts will be accepted.
- Writers/applicants can only submit scripts. We will not accept loglines, taglines, synopses, casting suggestions, resumes, cover letters, photographs or any other materials of any kind.
- Scripts adapted from your own work, including books, plays and other source materials are all eligible, but only if you retain all rights to your work.
- Adaptations from other works will be accepted, under the condition that the writer of the original work has granted you written permission to use his/her material.
- Adaptations of works in the public domain are also permitted.
- The competition is not limited to one script per writer(s). Writers may submit multiple scripts.
- The winners will receive script coverage feedback within 14 days of the winners’ announcement.
- Once a script has been submitted, no revised or future drafts will be accepted.
- Writers under the age of 18 years old must provide written permission from a parent or guardian in order to submit their work.
- By submitting their work, applicants agree to accept all decisions made by the judges.
- All writers are advised to register their material with the U.S. Copyright Office and/or the Writer’s Guild of America or the equivalent copyright agency in his/her country.
- All writers/applicants retain the rights to their screenplays.
- All writers/applicants are non-exclusive to the Bull City Screenplay Competition and may submit their screenplays to any other person, competition, producer, agent, publisher and/or organization.
- In the event that an applicant wins an award in the competition, he/she agrees that the Bull City Screenplay Competition are permitted to use his/her name for advertising and/or promotional purposes.
- The first round of reading is done by individual readers. If your script is advanced to the next round, the script will be read and scored by multiple readers to determine whether it gets into quarterfinals and semifinals.

To protect your script, we strongly suggest you register your work with the Writers Guild of America, West ( or the US Copyright Office (

Overall Rating
  • Katherine Hayes

    Great opportunity my thanks to Laura who is the festival organiser. The festival was script submission based.

    June 2023
  • Rebekah Louisa Smith

    A brilliant festival with awesome communication and they really care about their filmmakers - highly recommended

    May 2023
  • As a writer, this was a great festival. I received detailed feedback from multiple judges. As a winner of their feature screenplay competition, I was given a one-on-one writing coaching session from a working television writer who gave me some of the best advice and feedback I've ever received. The festival also took the time and effort to conduct a table read of the first act of my screenplay and featured my project in an online interview. Many festivals treat their screenwriting category as an afterthought. Bull City goes out of its way to take care of their writers. Thank you!

    March 2022
  • Claire Downs

    The caliber of the films in this festival is incredible. Your film will be shown alongside Oscar-nominated films. The virtual ticket was also a great buy-in for our family and friends who, for $20 could see our short and a smorgasbord of great movies. While the festival was not virtual when we submitted, the team did a great job of making us feel included by promoting our work and inviting us to interview with them.

    March 2022
  • Shannon TL Kearns

    Really loved participating in the script competition for this festival. I got feedback from three very thorough readers. So appreciated!

    March 2022