The Rome Film Awards highlights a selection of the best films in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.

The Rome Film Awards is an international 𝗜𝗠𝗗𝗕 𝗤𝘂𝗮𝗹𝗶𝗳𝘆𝗶𝗻𝗴 film festival:

2022 Award Winners:
Best Family Film - Two's a Lesson
Best Photography - Wilderlove
Best Director - Alexander the Macedonian
Best Cast - "Breasts and Thighs"
Best Documentary Feature - 60 Miles a Day
Best Musical Performance - 'Alone' for Solo Violin, Live EFX, & Electronica
Best Comedy Feature - Authenticity: The Musical
Best Experimental Short - Babylon: Ghetto, Renaissance, and Modern Oblivion
Best Comedy Short - Bizzarro e Fantastico
Best Romance Short - BLUE MOON
Best Horror Short - BUNNY
Best Comedy Short - Call(The)Girl
Best Foreign Documentary - Don't Look Down
Best Short - Dreams Fantastique
Best Cinematography - Elevate
Best Music Video - Erin Hill: Eleanor Rigby
Best Fantasy Feature - Exist, Not Exist: Zero Tolerance For Silence
Best Foreign Feature - Final Words of WWII
Best Experimental Feature - FINDING OPHELIA
Best Screenplay - FOSTER BOY
Best Actress - Garden District (Italian)
Best Actor - Incompleteness
Best Documentary Short - Italy In Bocca - Winner of Two Taste Awards 2021
Best Drama Feature - JOE238
Best Sci-Fi Short - Joseph the Spouse "Messiah Moon"
Best Writer - Kung Fu Girl
Best Musical Film - Livia, the Frescoed Lady
Best Foreign Short - Lost Soul Parts
Best Narrative - Master Speesa!
Best Sci-Fi Feature - NEA[R]
Best Animated Film - On / Off
Best Drama Short - Predestination
Best Fantasy Short - Quest for Feilong
Best Childrens Film - Rabbits Under the Shed
Best Adventure Film - Saving Amelia
Best Feature - Shellfish

With more than 20 categories, it will be possible for each participating film to receive the nomination for more than one category.

Best Feature Film
Better Short
Best Drama
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Documentary (Short)
Best Documentary (Foreign)
Best Documentary (short - students)
Best Documentary (Short - Foreign)
Best Photography
Best Scenography
Best Writer
Best Director
Best Actor Starring
Best actor not protagonist
and many others.

Each winner will be contacted to attend the auction and / or the prize.
The winners will also be announced on our social media and website.

The registration fee must accompany each entry. The registration fee includes projection and management costs, and is non-refundable.
Specify only the main category your movie belongs to (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Animation, etc.)
Movies or videos that use unauthorized and copyrighted music or literary property are not allowed.
The competition is open to professional and non-professional directors.
Entries must be submitted in the complete form in which they will be judged.
Jury decisions are definitive. The jury reserves the right not to select a winner in a certain category.
The jury reserves the right to change a category for the benefit of the film.
All films, including those in English, should include subtitles in English.
All entries must be made within and beyond the expiration dates.
Only selected movies will be accepted. Do not send anything to us until you receive the confirmation letter that the movie will be screened.
The festival reserves the right to show the awarded films on its own portal and on the portals of partner film festivals, with subsequent additional awarding of works.