The Roma Film Awards highlights a selection of the best films in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.

Eliseo cinema is perfect as a cinema to host our first edition of our festival in Italy.

The theater will host the festival for two consecutive days where national and international films (subtitled in English) will be screened, followed by a rehearsal of the best-rated films by our Hollywoodian juries.

With more than 20 categories, it will be possible for each participating film to receive the nomination for more than one category.

Best Feature Film
Better Short
Best Drama
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Documentary (Short)
Best Documentary (Foreign)
Best Documentary (short - students)
Best Documentary (Short - Foreign)
Best Photography
Best Scenography
Best Writer
Best Director
Best Actor Starring
Best actor not protagonist
and many others.

Each winner will be contacted to attend the auction and / or the prize.

The winners will also be announced on our social media and website.

The registration fee must accompany each entry. The registration fee includes projection and management costs, and is non-refundable.

Specify only the main category your movie belongs to (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Animation, etc.)

Movies or videos that use unauthorized and copyrighted music or literary property are not allowed.

The competition is open to professional and non-professional directors.

Entries must be submitted in the complete form in which they will be judged.

Jury decisions are definitive. The jury reserves the right not to select a winner in a certain category.

The jury reserves the right to change a category for the benefit of the film.

Movies must be sent to a digital file (Mov, Mp4) in a backup DVD or Blu-Ray format, and in a DCP format for large-screen projection.

All films, including those in English, should include subtitles in English.

Films accepted at the festival must arrive at the festival coordinator at least 1 month before the opening of the Festival.

All entries must be made within and beyond the expiration dates.

Subscriptions must always be sent to DIGITAL, preferably with a link, such as Vimeo with a private password, followed by posting on DVD, BLU-RAY and DCP labels with a label indicating the title, format ratio, and Execution time.

Only selected movies will be accepted. Do not send anything to us until you receive the confirmation letter that the movie will be screened.

After the movie has been officially selected, you will receive an email from our programmers to provide us with the digital photos of your movie and film director and full production titles.