FREE TO ENTER: Optophonia is a community-driven development project producing new digital creativity tools and marketplaces for visual music, immersive media, the metaverse and beyond.

We are seeking videos of electronic music and performance visuals, such as 3D graphics, animation, vfx, algorithmic composition, DJ/VJ’ing and videos of live shows.

Also of interest are pre-recorded video presentations from industry, academia and artists that relate to the festival theme.

We are accepting two kinds of media– video files (which can also be recordings of live performances) and links to web-based works, such as interactive or generative audiovisual compositions.

All participating artists will be invited to join our artist network and collab platform to extend their presence beyond individual festival events.

It is also acceptable to submit more than one work.

Our CTO Michael Filimowicz has previously directed the Cinesonika film festival, which ran five times in three countries. The Optophonia festival will be a ‘big tent’ event that is inclusive of works from many countries and styles and will be free for the public to access.

In submitting your work, you warrant that you have the right to do so and that we may screen your work publicly. In submitting your video, you agree to allow us to also screen your work with any of our industry partners' related events, such as through a touring festival.