The NatiVisions Film Festival offers Native American actors, filmmakers, writers, directors an opportunity to present their current work. Over the past 12 years we created a very successful festival to present to the area reaching people throughout the United States.

Included every year, several Native-made movies that feature Q&A’s with Native American filmmakers.

Film screening are free and open to all

Screenings are held at the Bluewater Cinemas located in the Bluewater Resort & Casino. Along the Colorado River.

Rules & Terms

1) Entries must be by/or have a Native American/First Nation/Indigenous artist involved in the project (Please include tribal affiliation).

2) We accept films made by non-Native American filmmaker but the films must be Native American themed.

3) Works must be made within the past two years

4) Films in languages other than English with English subtitles will be accepted for consideration as long as they fit criteria #1.