The 25th International Documentary Film Festival OFF CINEMA is a competition festival, which presents documentary films from around the world. The best documents a jury of eminent filmmakers, film critics and entertainers awards: Golden, Silver and Bronze Castle. We promote and present interesting events in a wide range of Polish and world cinema contemporary and classical, not only documentary. The competition is accompanied by numerous special screenings, meetings with artists, the exhibition of a film, concerts, films workshops, academic lectures and discussions. The festival promotes the development of documentary cinema in three areas: presentation, education and reflection.

Submit your film in two categories: full-lenght and short documentaries (up to 30 min.). AWARDS:
1st prize: The Golden Castle and a financial prize 8 000 PLN
2nd prize: The Silver Castle and a financial prize 5 000 PLN
3rd prize: The Bronze Castle and a financial prize 3 000 PLN

Special Jury Mentions
Audience Award

The 25th International Documentary Film Festival OFF CINEMA (24th IDFF OFF CINEMA) will be held October 19-24, 2021, at ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań. It is the Festival’s foremost aim to present a comprehensive review of achievements in the field of documentary film. IDFF OFF CINEMA presents documentaries in the international competition section.


1. The Festival is organised by ZAMEK Culture Centre, located at ul. Św. Marcin 80/82, 61-809 Poznań, Poland.
2. 25th IDFF OFF CINEMA accepts international submissions, without constraints regarding the theme or running time limitations.
3. Depending on the running time, competition films will be screened and evaluated in two categories: short-length (under 30 mins) and feature-length films (above 30 mins).


1. Submissions for the competition are received through the FilmFreeway platform at:
2. The Festival charges fees for foreign films submitted for the competition.
3. Submissions for the competition selection may also be made using the following formats: DVD Video, Blu-ray, MP4 on any medium. The preferred from is sending a link which enables download of a file with a resolution no less than Full HD (1920X1080p).
4. The Organiser does not return preview copies submitted for selection.
5. Deadline for submitting entries for selection: June 14th, 2020.
6. The following must be made available in order for the film to be accepted for selection:
- preview copy with subtitles in English
-payment of the submission fee in the case of foreign films; the amount of fee is stated on the respective FilmFreeway page, subject to the date of submission (Early Bird or Regular Deadline).

7. The Organizer will not accept submissions in which its employee (persons engaged under an employment contract or other type of contract whose term overlapped, even in part, with the period from 01.01.2021 to 24.10.2021), acted as producer, director, screenwriter, played any of the starring roles, or contributed in any extent to the production design or the soundtrack/score. Should the Organizer take knowledge that any of the above is the case after a submitted film has been qualified, said work will be excluded from the competition. The Organiser reserves the right to decide whether the film in question will be presented to the audience.

8. Films made by authors who have any kind of familial relationship with the Organizer will not be accepted.

9. The Organizer will appoint Selection Officers who will select pictures for the 25th IDFF OFF CINEMA Competition.

10. Results of the selection will be announced no later than August 20th, 2021, on the Festival’s official website: Authors will be notified personally about their films having qualified for the competition at their e-mail address.

11. Decisions of the Selection Officers are final. The Selection Officers are under no obligation to justify their decisions.

12. The Organiser of the Festival is additionally entitled to invite a film for the competition screenings.

13. The Organiser reserves the right to remove a film which the Selection Officers have qualified for the competition if its maker fails to comply with the obligations stated herein.

14. Submissions of films made before January 1st, 2020, will not be accepted.


1. The submitting party shall not withdraw their film from festival screenings once it has been qualified.

2. Films qualified for the competition are provided to the Organiser of the Festival free of charge.

3. Having received notification that their film has been qualified, the submitting party shall, complying with the deadline of August 31st, send the following materials to the e-mail address of the Organiser (
1) dialogue scripts in an electronic format (for films in Polish: English subtitles embedded in the copy or time-coded subtitles in English in .srt format are required); foreign language films: copy with embedded English subtitles and time-coded English subtitles in .srt format; preferably, time-coded Polish subtitles in .srt format should be supplied where possible)
2) at least four (4) stills from the film (horizontal, .jpg file format, min. resolution: 300 dpi)
3) description of submitted film (.doc or .docx file, not exceeding 500 characters with spaces)
4) film poster (resolution: 300 dpi) featuring the Official Selection Laurel (to be downloaded from the festival’s website)
5) film trailer (.mp4 file)
6) screener of the film with subtitles in English (provided as protected .mp4 file uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube) for the archival database of the Festival and the platform to which members of the Jury will have access,
7) completed and signed Submission Form, providing all technical particulars of the film and details of the author (contact telephone number, e-mail address),
8) completed and signed Accommodation Declaration for the person coming as guest to the Festival; this declaration must be submitted no later than September 30th, 2021 (the Organizer will not ensure accommodation if this deadline is not complied with).

4. For the purpose of festival screenings, the following media and file types are considered acceptable:
- uncoded DCP, 2K, 4K, 3D package (dialogue scripts must be included in the packages)
- MPEG file (ProRes, H.264 codec)
- Blu-Ray (code-free, region B/2).

5. The Organiser will digitize and convert all films submitted in other formats to DCP. The files will be permanently removed from the Organiser’s servers within two weeks following the end of the Festival. The DCP files will be produced only for the screenings at the 25th IDFF OFF CINEMA and will not be utilized for any other purposes without a separate consent of the owner of respective copyrights.

6. Organiser should receive competition copies by August 31st, 2021, at the following address:

Centrum Kultury ZAMEK
ul. Święty Marcin 80/82
61 – 809 Poznań

7. The costs of delivery of the copies sent for selection and the competition copies as well as any shipping charges are covered by the submitting party.

8. The Festival does not cover the cost customs duties outside the territory of Poland.

9. The submitting party declares that they are willing and ready to take part in a Q&A session following the screening of their film.

10. The submitting party consents to the printing of the official poster of the film and its display in the Festival premises.

11. The submitting party is under obligation to comply with customs regulations which apply when shipping films. Overseas dispatches from outside the European Union should be shipped with appended document stating its value as not exceeding 15 € (fifteen Euros) and with the following annotation: "No commercial value. For cultural purposes only".


1. The Jury of the Festival will assess films participating in the competition and award the following main prizes in the short-length and feature-length categories:
- 1st prize: The Golden Castle and a financial prize in the amount of PLN 10,000
- 2nd prize: The Silver Castle and a financial prize in the amount of PLN 8,000
- 3rd prize: The Bronze Castle and a financial prize in the amount of PLN 5,000

2. Should the Jury award any of the statutory prizes to more than one film on an ex aequo basis, the financial prize attached will be divided equally between the awarded parties.

3. The Jury has the right to award honorary mentions.

4. The decision of the Jury is final, while the participants are not entitled to appeal from said decision.

5. Upon arrangement with the Organiser, non-statutory prizes may be awarded, funded by private persons, institutions and organisations.

6. The list of winning pictures will be announced on October 23th, 2021, at the Festival’s final awards gala, and within a week on the Festival’s website.


1. Participants in the competition consent to the publication of the trailer, the information concerning the film and its author on the Festival’s website, the Festival’s social media accounts and in official printed material and related press releases.

2. For publicity purposes, the Organiser has the right to make the trailers, the invitation recorded by the filmmaker, or fragments of the competition films available to television broadcasters and websites.

3. Owners of copyrights to films submitted for competition consent to 5 free-of-charge screenings as part of the Festival and showings promoting the Festival, organised in Poland and abroad after the end of the competition.


1. By submitting a film to the 24th IDFF OFF CINEMA, the submitting party accepts the provisions of the Competition Rules.

2. The Organiser shall have the final word in all matters not otherwise specified in these Rules.

3. In the event of any doubts arising, Polish language version of the Rules will be considered binding.

4. Additional information may be obtained from:
ZAMEK Culture Centre
Film Department
Office: tel. +48 61 64 65 204
+48 607 409 078

Overall Rating
  • Andrei Kutsila

    I was several times at Off Cinema in Poznan, last time not because of coronavirus. Super nice team and strong competition programme. Beautiful place for screenings!

    October 2020
  • Lofty Sky Entertainment

    This looks like a very well-organized and reputable film festival in Poland. We were thrilled to have our film 'Ask No Questions' as one of the 13 features chosen for their documentary competition. Piotr the organizer was always great with communication even though we didn't speak Polish. I would highly recommend!

    October 2020
  • Nick Hamer

    Absolutely fantastic film festival! I would certainly recommend this to any filmmaker. I've been twice: 2014 and 2019. This festival is clearly growing, committed to excellence, wonderful hospitality, events and networking.

    May 2020
  • I had a blast! Such a great super organized festival. The people that run it are the best!

    November 2019