An international short film festival which focuses on discovering new voices and unique projects. Located in a breathtaking village in Italy.

-1st Prize for the best short film in the ITALIAN FICTION category (plaque, a € 500 coupon to be spent in a store, the chance to have the short film shown in other festival related events)

-1st prize for the short film in the INTERNATIONAL FICTION category (plaque, a € 500 coupon to be spent in a store, or an equivalent prize, the chance to have the short film shown in other festival related events)

-1st Prize for the best short film of the ANIMATION category that includes works by Italian and international directors (plaque, a € 500 coupon to be spent in a store, or an equivalent prize, the chance to have the short film shown in other festival related events)

-The INTERNATIONAL FELLINI Prize, a Special Prize from the Jury to the short film chosen among all those received Italian and foreign, for the most original and innovative director (plaque, award to be determined, t the chance to have the short film shown in other festival related events).

-International Jury Prize to best scripted female character (plaque, the chance to have the short film shown in other festival related events)

-Gino Pellegrini plaque, in recognition and memory of the set designer Gino Pellegrini, to the best international set design.

-Plaque "REMEMBERING FELLINI" awarded to the Best Actress
In addition, the winning films will be screened in one of the Multiplex Bazzano Valsamoggia Cinemas; dates to be decided by cinema owners and communicated to the interested parties.

1. MOVIEVALLEY BAZZACINEMA FESTIVAL, COMPETITION FOR BEST SHORT FILMS is a short film competition which awards works that have never been distributed in any cinema; works that have competed, received or won awards in other film festivals in Italy and abroad will be able to compete.

2. Participation in the Festival is free and open to anyone in Italy or abroad.

3. The competition's sections are:
- International Fiction
- Italian Fiction
- International Animation

4. The short films presented must have a maximum duration of 15 minutes including the credits

5. Any works that contain pornographic or racist materials, propaganda, or themes concerning discrimination and/or inciting violence shall not be admitted to the MOVIEVALLEY BAZZACINEMA COMPETITION. Likewise, any materials that contain advertising, promotions, or de facto editorial, or narrate the entrepreneurial story of a person or company shall similarly be excluded. Identical principles apply to the credits of the works.

6. Each participating director has the opportunity to contribute to MOVIEVALLEY BAZZACINEMA with only one work per section

7. If MOVIEVALLEY BAZZACINEMA requests a DVD of the short film for technical reasons for the final projection, the shipping costs for such delivery shall be borne by the participant. All documentation sent to take part in the pre-selection shall not be returned. The organisation of MOVIEVALLEY BAZZACINEMA assumes no liability nor shall pay any refund to any director or to the persons represented, or the producer, or to any of the persons involved in the making of the short film in any capacity whatsoever, or for any damages to the media containing the works entered in MOVIEVALLEY BAZZACINEMA occurring during and/or after the selection.

8. All the short films sent to MOVIEVALLEY BAZZACINEMA shall be selected based on the sole discretion of a specific Pre-selection Jury.

9. The number of short films' finalists, selected from all those received, both from national and international sources, shall be unquestionably established by the Pre-selection Jury. These films will be screened during the final days of MOVIEVALLEY BAZZACINEMA FESTIVAL, COMPETITION FOR BEST SHORT FILMS 6th edition. This short-list of films will be viewed by a jury made up of experts from the world of cinema, entertainment, culture and journalism, who will have the final decision over each short film for either section and will also decide upon their position and award. The ceremony for awards will take place on the final day of MOVIEVALLEY BAZZACINEMA, on Sunday, 26 March 2017.

10. MOVIEVALLEY BAZZACINEMA is authorised to freely use and project these short films, both those selected for the competition, in addition to any short film that was discarded from the competition but enrolled, in the context of related cultural events, in the current edition, or in any future one. The organisation is still committed to requesting an official release to the director/author in the weeks prior to the projection.

11. The filmmakers and/or producers of the selected short films for the final day of MOVIEVALLEY BAZZACINEMA and candidates for the award will be duly notified so that they can be present on the final day. The selection and programming of screenings are the sole responsibility of the organising committee.

12. The enrollment of one or more works in MOVIEVALLEY BAZZACINEMA, implies the unconditional acceptance of this announcement in its entirety.

13. For any dispute, the Court of Bologna (Italy), shall have jurisdiction.

14. The Directors and/or Producers of the short films, responsible for the content of their works hereby declare that by entering the Festival they have fulfilled each and every obligation towards third parties arising from royalties, according to their national regulatory framework, and place of residence in the production of the short film.

15. In the event that Directors and/or Producers decide to withdraw the participation of a film entered into the final programme, they will be subject to a fine amounting to € 1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred euro) by way of damages.

16. The event organisers reserve the right to change the competition, prior publication on the Festival's official website.

17. Should the author/director be selected as a finalist at the Film Festival, he/she will be required to specify if the music is subject to SIAE rights (or international equivalent authorities) indicating titles, authors, and any useful reference or clearly state if they are not.

Overall Rating
  • venika mitra

    thier team is very good and prompt at communicating with the participants. They are polite and reply immediately. My short film won best international fiction prize. They worked around things so that the prize could be enjoyed by me in my own country (India). Over all my experience with them has been excellent.

    April 2017
  • Domenico Guidetti

    Thank you so much for the recognition, and the very personal and responsive touch from your team!

    April 2017
  • Brendan Hickey

    I wasn't able to attend the festival, burn I was humbled and honored to have my film featured. I think it's really cool that these folks are providing an opportunity for their work to be shown, and for that I am forevr thankful :)

    April 2017