LIFF seeks to promote, encourage and support audiovisual artists and storytellers from all over the world. Whether you live just down the street, or thousands of kilometres away up the side of a mountain, we want to see the most important films from the most talented independent filmmakers!

All are welcome to submit to LIFF, following the goal to meet our search for quality in the crafting of mood, eliciting emotion through pictures and sound, and telling a story we haven't all heard before. 

We believe emphatically in the importance of enhancing the life of people through art, and how significant a role each community plays in this. As such, another facet of LIFF is to help develop and enhance the local filmmaking industry. Our intention is to facilitate this by creating opportunities for film artists to engage not only more extensively with the local circles of creators, but also by encouraging interactions with the wider national, and even broader international film communities.

Please carefully review the following. By submitting your project, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to all of the following rules and terms. All projects which have been submitted by our final deadline of 21 December 2020, and which adhere to the following terms, will be considered for inclusion in the 2020 Launceston International Film Festival.


- All films must be submitted by either the director or key producer of the project.

- Submitted films should be no more than eleven minutes in length, including any opening and closing credits.

- Films NOT accepted for entry include documentary, promotional or advertising. Films which ARE accepted into the festival include, but are not limited to, those which contain aspects of drama, sci-fi, horror, fantasy & experimental.

- All submitted material should be the submitter’s own work, including video, music, images, sound effects, etc. OR, the submitter must hold the appropriate copyright and/or clearances to use such work. The Launceston International Film Festival will not be responsible for illegal or non-copyrighted work which makes up any aspect of the film submitted, and is then subsequently exhibited at the festival.

- LIFF does not require films to be a World Premiere, but premiere status of any kind of significance (national, state, etc.) is taken into consideration when making final selections. Otherwise, films must have been completed after 2010, and may be available online, and have had previous screenings to the public.

- Films must be subtitled (in English) if in another language than ENGLISH.

- All entries must be completed upon submission. No “work in progress” films will be accepted.

- By submitting to LIFF, you grant permission for the festival to use a portion of your film (maximum 30 seconds), your film’s poster, photographs of the director, screenshots of the film and the text of the film’s description for promotional materials associated with the festival. This may include social networks, newspapers, festival website, posters and festival print material​.

- If your film is the recipient of an Official Selection in LIFF, you will be contacted by the festival and requested to provide a 1080p quality MP4 file, with a size not exceeding 1gb.

Overall Rating
  • Steven Jeram

    Brilliant festival run by some amazing people bringing independent filmmaking to Tasmania for the first time! A massive thank you to the team for their selection and best of luck to the team for the future.

    January 2021