The International Short Film Festival "IndieCrete" is the first independent film festival held in Crete. It’s an open air festival which will take place, for the very first time, in August 2016 at the movie theatre “Paradiso” in Archanes , in cooperation with the Municipality of Archanon -Asterousion and the support of the Regional authority of Crete. The Summer Edition of the Festival will last three days, starting from Friday 19th of August and will have a competitive character.
The Winter Edition of the Festival will last four days and it would be held at December. All films that will be shown in the Winter Edition will be nominated for the audience award. IndieCrete aims to bring the public of Crete in contact with the best international productions and promote the art of filmmaking. For this reason, throughout the time of the film screening, workshops will take place, led by distinguished Filmmakers.
The categories of the Festival are the following: Drama, Comedy, Films for Social Rights, Sci-Fi Movies and films directed by Women Filmmakers.
The maximum duration of the competing films is 30 minutes.

Summer Edition
Drama award
Comedy award
Social Rights award
Sci-Fi award
Actor award
Actress award
Cinematography award
Editing award
Script award
Original music score
Best Film

Winter Awards
Audience Award

Productions must have been completed after 01 January 2014.
IndieCrete Film Festival doesn’t require a Greek premiere, but your film is not eligible for our festival if it was shown before at the web.

Films entered must have English subtitles.
You can submit your film in one of these categories: Drama, Comedy, Social Rights, Sci-Fi, Woman Director.

All films entered for main categories must be in HD formats. 16:9 TV, 1.85:1 Cinema and 1.35:1
All films must be submitted through FilmFreeway. All submissions must be on-line. Films on DVD, Blu-ray or HDD will not be accepted. It is recommended that the evaluation screener is uploaded in final definition (not a low res basic screener) so that this version can be downloaded should the film be selected for screening. All movies that will be selected for the festival should send .srt files, along with english subtitles in order for us to translate them into greek.
All submissions must include a link to an on-line screener with passwords provided if necessary. Submissions must link to screeners hosted with you tube or vimeo.
Entry Fees
All entries are free.

Fiction Short Films with maximum duration - 30 minutes (titles included)

Screening & Publicity rights
By submitting a film, the producer grants the festival organiser full rights to screen the film at the festival and to use the film, clips and stills in publicity for the event, subsequent compilations, re-releases or promotion for a future edition of the festival.
These rules may be amended or additional clauses added at any time. Rules current at the time of submission will be valid for the submission. Amendments or additions will be posted on the official web site.

Overall Rating
  • One of the truly best experiences of my life attending this festival and meeting such an incredibly dedicated and passionate group of organisers. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to making the festival a reality, I'll carry the experience with me. :) x

    September 2016
  • Samuel Quiles Palop

    Great Team. Great Film Festival. I´d love being selected in IndieCrete Film Festival

    September 2016
  • John Hellberg

    I was unfortunately not able to honor this festival's invitation in person but in the midst of all the chaos in my life, I can honestly say that it warms my heart to find on the net a photograph of my lead actor standing down there and lifting to the sky the first ever "Best Comedy" award given in Creete. What a great feeling! Thank you for helping us make history! And congratulations to all the winners!

    August 2016