Our mission is to show artistic documentaries that tell the stories of rural villages or towns that have developed in cultural\social\territorial\touristic ways thanks to innovative and grassroots projects. Our goal is to bring ideas from the world and share them with the residents of Montemilone in order to motivate them to create new projects and in order to create national and international relationships.

Statuette for winners and hosting during the festival

Who can participate?
The call is open to urban short - documentaries whose main theme is the cultural\social\territorial\touristic development of a village or a city where there are no activities that involve the inhabitants.

Which movies can compete?
We accept short - documentaries in Italian or in foreign languages with Italian subtitles or English subtitles for the pre - selection phase (the author of the films selected who do not have Italian subtitles can send a document with dialogues in English\French\Portuguese\Spanish and the team will make the Italian subtitles). We do not accept promotional movies. It is possible to submit movies that have already been shown at another festival.

Film selection and winner
Idee dal Mondo’s team will decide on the first selection. All participants will receive an acceptance or refusal mail. The winner will be selected by a jury of film experts and event's organizers. The winner will be published on this site and the team will enter in contact with the author \ producer.

​​Terms and Conditions
Accepting the terms and conditions, the author \ producer accepts that the movie will be shown during the Idee dal Mondo Festival and in other contexts (promotional and educational contexts) managed by Idee dal Mondo and Associazione Oratorio Giovani. Under no circumstances will the movie will be shown at for – profit public projections.

The author \ producer authorizes the publication of their personal data associated with the movie and, accordingly, the release of this information to the press for promotional purposes.

The submission to the call for entries implies the complete acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

Overall Rating
  • Francesco Roder

    The experience was amazing. The place, the people, everything was so welcoming. The festival manager, Marysaba, was just extraordinary. Highly reccomended.

    August 2019