The 3rd annual GLFF Short Film Competition is a celebration of Latin American-themed stories and of the filmmakers who tell them. The competition aims to showcase both established and emerging filmmakers whose films touch on Latin American culture and identity in entertaining, powerful, and informative ways. The theme of the 2019 GLFF is "A Taste of Latin America: Sabor, Art and Food," and therefore preference will be give to films that center around culinary traditions, the environment and the people that grow our foods.

All selected films will be screened at the Historic Thomas Center and Gardens in Gainesville in September. The GLFF Short film competition is part of the 15th Annual Gainesville Latino Film Festival, a two week long series of of free film screenings, musical performances, public lectures, and panel discussions throughout the month of September. The Gainesville Latino Film Festival (GLFF) is one of city’s largest and most culturally diverse public events. The GLFF is hosted and organized by the Latina Women’s League.

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The GLFF is a nonprofit, multidisciplinary arts organization dedicated to developing, promoting, and increasing awareness of Latino cultures by presenting a wide variety of art forms and education. Imperative to the GLFF mission is to create a cultural dialogue amongst Latinos and non-Latinos to discuss universal experiences.

All programs are free and open to the public

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Judge's Choice – Open
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The GLFF Short Film Competition welcomes short, live action or animated films, with any content and in any style. The rules for the competition are as follows:

1. Entry is $10 (free for students) before July 31st, 2019, and is open to all countries and counties.

2. Categories are currently listed as Student and Adult (18+).

3. The Student category is open to full-time students only, resident anywhere in the world. The qualifying film must have been created while the film’s director or directors were enrolled full-time at a school, college, or university. Proof of enrollment, such as a copy of a student I.D., must be included with the submission. If the director is not enrolled at the time of submission, or has graduated, proof of past enrollment during 2018-2019 must be submitted.

4. If the film is not in English, make sure to include English subtitles.

5. Ensure that you own all the content in your film (footage, music, visuals, props, etc.)

6. If any copyrighted content is used, you must provide written permission for its use. Entries containing any unauthorized content will be disqualified.

7. Screening files must be made available via FilmFreeway, must be posted by close of entries: July 31st @ 11:59 PM. The submitter must ensure that the film is accessible to 2019 GLFF SFC by the deadline. All entries must be accompanied by a completed submission form. Once a film is submitted, it cannot be withdrawn from competition. No submission materials will be returned.

8. We prefer films which do not exceed 15 minutes, including front and back credits.

9. Required for publicity materials: director photo & bio and a film poster or still, all in high resolution.

Other materials are not required for submission (scripts, production photos, etc.).

10. 2019 GLFF Short Film Competition is open-minded but does not program porn or gratuitous violence. GLFF SFC seldom programs films that would receive an 18A or R rating if shown in a regular theatre. Submissions that fit this description may be disqualified.

11. Film must be completed in 2018 or later

12. If you become a Finalist, you will be contacted within further instructions.

13. By submitting to the 2019 GLFF Short Film Competition, the submitter expressly acknowledges that he or she owns all the rights to the film and grants nonexclusive media rights howsoever transmitted for the 2019 GLFF Short Film Competition to show the film to public audiences and for use of aspects of the film in the festival's promotional material.

14th Gainesville Latino Film Festival, 2019 Short Film Competition Submission Form

Title: _______________________________________________________________

Running time:


Director(s): _______________________________________________________________

Producer: _______________________________________________________________

Writer(s): _______________________________________________________________

Editor(s): _______________________________________________________________

Contact name: _______________________________________________________________

Address Line 1: _______________________________________________________________

Address Line 2: _______________________________________________________________

City: County:

Zip/Postal Code: Country:

Phone: E-mail:


Indicate the most appropriate categories:



(include student info)

RELEASE AGREEMENT for 2019 GLFF Short Film Competition the undersigned, acknowledge and agree as follow: (1) The submission is in full compliance with the submission guidelines and I have full right to submit these materials to you. (2) I will fully reimburse 2019 GLFF Short Film Competition for any losses, damages or expenses that may be incurred due to any false or inaccurate statement provided by me in this agreement. (3) I certify that I hold all necessary rights for the submission of my films and promotional materials to the 2019 GLFF Film Short Film Competition. (4) I have read the 2019 Festival submission Guidelines and recognize that failure to follow said guidelines will disqualify my submission. (5) I hereby grant 2019 GLFF Short Film Competition non-exclusive, all media rights, howsoever transmitted, to screen the submitted film and use aspects of it in promotional material.


Name, Signature and Date Please print, sign, and email a copy of the completed form to and include the URL for the film. Printed form can be mailed to: 2019 GLFF Short Film | P.O. Box 359079 | Gainesville, Florida