Bedford Falls Film Festival is a two day celebration of black and white cinema taking place at a very vintage and vibrant NYC venue. The founders wanted to pay homage to an earlier time in theater where gents such as Jimmy Stewart and Jimmy Durante were captivating cinema goers. The founders believe that there is an audience in the twentieth century that longs to see Hollywood legends on screen, and they want to give them a glimpse back into those golden days.


Film submissions must not be available online from the moment of selection through the time of festival screening.

Any submission must be at least 80% filmed in black and white, otherwise, they will be automatically disqualified.

Films of a taboo nature (incest, porn, highly sexual or abuse of animals or children) are not accepted.

We do not accept rough cuts or work in progress.

All international films submitted must have English subtitles.

You may submit to Bedford Falls Film Festival while having submitted to other festivals.

We accept films in the following categories with no length restrictions: Romance, Sci Fi, Horror, Youth, Comedy, Documentary, International, and LGBT. Further, we will also be accepting the following: News reels, youth films, TV episodes and web series.

All filmmakers must secure any and all necessary licenses or permits associated with showing said film.

Youths wishing to submit films must fall within the age bracket of 10-17. All content must be created and filmed solely by said filmmaker.

All submissions are to be done directly through FilmFreeway. If your film is selected, we will contact you about press kits and screeners.

No refunds are to be given on entry fees.

Overall Rating
  • BFFF was a great and engaging festival to be apart of. They went to a 100% online festival for COVID and did a magnificent job. They took time with each film and the filmmakers were all engaged in Q&A and seminars. Very personal atmosphere and made great contacts. Will be coming back every year there are tickets.

    July 2020
  • Michael Pharis

    Wonderful founders and a fostered creative atmosphere for classic movie lovers, particularly those of black and white cinema.

    April 2020
  • Richard Szotyori

    All my gratitude to Cindy and Michael, creators of the BFFF for this extraordinary festival experience, made of real passion and emotion for all the trades of cinema.

    April 2020
  • Maria Picar

    Under the circumstances of having to present a festival that was supposed to be live to on-line, I feel the hosts did extremely well. Cindy Mich and Michael Gentile are class acts in that they always put the filmmakers first! They not only are organized and prompt in their communication, but they also provide useful information, like other festivals that they know are great to submit to or tips for distribution and marketing. They are also respectful and gracious to all that are part of the festival and encourage those involved to keep in touch and communicate or collaborate by leaving e-mail addresses and web-site links. I would definitely recommend their festival to any other filmmakers who want a festival that is about quality and integrity.

    April 2020
  • The organizers had the monkey wrench of Covid-19 quarantine toss at them, and in short order moved the festival from a theater venue to a virtual one. I applaud their communication and titanic efforts.

    April 2020