The InterDrone Film Festival gives aerial cinematographers a stage where they can show their best footage shot by a UAV. The celebration of finalists and winners will happen Wednesday evening September 6, during a reception at InterDrone, the International Drone Conference and Exposition, held at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The InterDrone Film Festival features both a critic’s and people’s choice awards in 7 categories plus a Best Overall. Submissions should be 3 minutes or less. Grand Prize is a giant $5,000 check! (plus, a real one).

Natural Wonders
Cityscapes and Architecture
Action/Extreme Sports
Real Estate & Resort Marketing
Industrial & Commercial Use
Humanitarian Efforts
Best Overall

Submissions open March 8, 2017 and close Friday, July 7, 2017.
Winners will be announced at InterDrone at the InterDrone Film Festival Reception, September 6, 2017 at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Awards & Prizes

Winners in each category will receive $500 and a free All-Access Pass to InterDrone

Runners-Up in each category will receive $200 and a free All-Access Pass to InterDrone

People’s Choice (winner only): $500

Best Overall Grand Prize Winner gets $5,000

Finalists get free a pass to the Film Festival Reception and Expo Hall and a 30%
discount on the All-Access Conference Pass (winners will have their All-Access Pass reimbursed after the conference).

Rules & Terms

1. Entries must be submitted by July 14, 2017.

2. Entries must be 3 minutes OR LESS in length and filmed with a drone. Any submissions over 3 minutes will be automatically disqualified. Any submissions not filmed with a drone will be automatically disqualified.

3. Entrants must submit their films through FilmFreeway. DVDs are not accepted.

4. Entries must identify the category it is being entering in. One category per film. Overall Best Drone Picture will be drawn from category winners. You may enter multiple films in different categories.

5. Each entry should have a title slide identifying the filmmaker, UAV pilot, and drone technology (craft and camera) used.

6. If selected to screen at InterDrone Film Festival 2017, presenting filmmakers will be required to submit their film for use at the festival via Dropbox. These must be received no later than August 15.

7. For publication purposes, if your film/video is selected for screening, entrants must be prepared to supply at least three electronic images (publicity stills) either in jpeg or PDF format, 300 dpi, under 2K.

8. Exceptions to the festival regulations must be authorized by one of the Festival Co-Directors.

9. Entry fees. $10 per film/video.

Our hashtag is #InterDroneFF

Judging, Critic’s Choice: 5 finalists in each category will be determined by BZ Media
and forwarded to judges. Each of the judges will judge two categories. Each
category will have three judges. Runners-up and Winners will be chosen in each
category and then each judge will rank each category winner in order to determine
the Best Overall Drone Film. Finalists will be notified by August 11.

Judging, People’s Choice: The 5 finalists in each category will be selected by BZ
Media. People’s Choice voters must be registered to attend InterDrone. Onsite, at the Film Festival party September 6 attendees will have the chance to view finalists on screens around the ballroom where if they have not voted yet, then can vote using the InterDrone app.

Please note:
- We communicate via email
- We will notify you if you are accepted into the festival


Rules and regulations InterDrone Film Festival: By submitting your work to the InterDrone Film Festival, you are agreeing to this statement. “In submitting this work, I am claiming that it is my own and that I hold all necessary copyright or have the permission of the appropriate owners of copyright to incorporate portions of their work. Yes, I am the creator and author of the work submitted. In the event that my entry contains the work of other individuals or organizations (including any copyrighted photographs, musical compositions, etc.), I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain any necessary permissions and/or licenses. Yes, I have the necessary rights and/or permissions to use the visual elements in this entry. Yes, I have the necessary rights and/or permissions to use the audio in this entry.”

Finalists are responsible for travel costs and expenses when traveling to the festival. No media/film accepted for programming can be pulled from the festival. InterDrone Film Festival does not check to make sure that you have cleared these materials at any point during the application process, nor will we be held responsible for any inclusion of uncleared materials in your film. It is the sole responsibility of the individuals submitting the film to secure permission from the copyright holder of the material in question, whether it is music, stock footage, or any other elements that could violate an existing copyright. Quite often, rights holders offer reduced rates for festival films, so you should contact them directly to avoid any possible rights infringements. Please note, there is a deliverables deadline. If you do not meet that deadline it is possible we will not be able to screen your film. Deliverables are the responsibility of the person submitting. Submission fee is non-refundable.

Acceptance of a submission as a finalist grants InterDrone permission to use the filmmaker’s picture and bio on our website and permission to have their film and any stills from their film up on our website or partner websites.

3 Reviews

Overall Rating
  • false
    Chafic Saad

    The cinema portion of this festival is not to be taken seriously. It was merely an afterthought.

    October 2016
    Response from festival:

    Hi Chafic, For 2017 we are making changes and are eliminating the "cocktail party atmosphere" - and the cocktail party that surrounded the showings. Learning from our mistakes, hopefully. - Ted Bahr - Chairman, Founder, etc...

  • false
    Romel Rodriguez

    A great festival that offers so much for Drone Professionals and Enthusiasts. Truly recommend.

    September 2016
  • false
    Tarsicio Sanudo

    The venue is not acceptable for a film festival, there were people drinking and talking all the time, the projectors/computer could not handle the video resolutions. The worst thing is that at the end they only showcase two videos of the 5 finalist of every category, so yeah i went from Mexico and my film was not showcase. This is not a film festival is a Expo with a video contest.

    September 2016
    Response from festival:

    Hi Tarsicio, We are are eliminating the cocktail party in 2017. We thought it would be fun, but it didn't work out. You can't do two things at once I guess. Also, we will insure the quality of the films matches the A/V capabilities this year. Yes, the Film Festival is just an hour, showing the winning and runner up films in each category. We do notify the winners and runner's up in the categories beforehand (but not the Grand Winner or People's choice). I hope your trip wasn't a whole waste as, yes, InterDrone is 120+ tech sessions and this year 185+ exhibitors. We do award $8,000 in prizes. Anyway, if you are considering coming in 2017, e-mail me and I'll give you a big discount. Or, we can just chat. Ted Bahr, Founder, etc...