The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival attracts an international representation of film, filmmakers, advocates and scientists dedicated to the preservation of global biodiversity. Visitors come to New York from across the globe to attend this unique film festival. Opportunity for the filmmaker and visitors exist to interact and engage is discussion.

Representatives from multiple distribution companies are invited to review films in the festival for television listings on their respected networks.

The WCFF takes place in New York the third week in October for 10 days, three of which are a filed trip for visiting film producers and scientists and seven days of film screenings, receptions, workshops and parties. In addition the WCFF hosts a monthly film screening series in the city to screen films accepted into the film festival but not part of the October schedule.

Film Producers receive:
- The ability to market your film with the WCFF official selection and, if selected for an award, an award logo.
- All access festival pass.
- You will be introduced at your film's screening, participate in Panel Discussion/Q&As to talk about your work
- Free admission to all festival related events.
- Sell copies of your film(s) and books at the festival

Entry & Judging Categories:
Endangered Species
Endangered Ecosystem/Habitat
Foreign (Must be subtitled in English)
Humans & Nature
Music & Nature
Short (Under 20 minutes)
Student (Ages 21 and under)
Virtual Reality
Wildlife Activism

Request film entry application with rules and terms to

* Acceptance into the WCFF means your film may be screened at our flagship event in New York, NY in October. However if your film cannot be screened during this time it will be scheduled for another date as the WCFF hosts screenings in New York and other cities. In 2018 the film festival will also include Los Angeles, CA.

The WCFF does NOT provide for airfare, accommodations or any other expenses incurred to attend the festival, unless otherwise arranged and agreed upon.

Overall Rating
  • Mark McNamara

    Christopher was great to work with. What a great festival. We are honored to be involved, with our film "Toxic Treasure", insuch a valuable and amazing film festival.

    November 2018
  • Philippa Wilkinson

    I recently attended the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York and was also one of the films selected in the line up. This was truly one of the most spectacular events I have been privileged to be apart of.

    I felt honoured to have the opportunity to see some amazing pieces of film from a variety of film makers, conservationists, scientists and people from all across the globe. This festival offers people from all walks of life the opportunity to tell their story about wildlife and how truly amazing and unique it is.

    The founder and organisers put all their heart and soul into making this event so special and allowing time for film makers and film viewers to interact and ask questions about the films and their journey. This was truly one of the most special events to be involved in. Huge thanks!

    From Philippa

    November 2018
  • I was not able to attend but was happy that my short "I am salmon" was selected to bring the message to a larger audience. Looking at the entire selection it is a great gateway for many different film makers.

    November 2018
  • We enjoyed participating on the film festival in New York and appreciated the time of the organizers for Q&A after the screenings and the social networking at the end of the days!

    November 2018
  • Trevor Almeida

    The WCFF offers a new paradigm in Wildlife and Conservation Film Festivals.

    It is open to a new generation of story tellers from around the globe who’s voices are seldom represented by the old guard and gate keepers. This is a disruptive festival smashing the repetitive formats wildlife and conservation film are often told on TV.

    The WCFF explores the breath of wildlife and conservation films and includes a diverse range of countries, film styles, issues and ideas.

    It is truly a festival for filmmakers, scientists, conservationists and nature lover in general. Screening in New York City, one of the most populated cities in the world it brings the wonders of nature to many of us who do not have access to amazing wildlife and ecosystems at our doorstep.

    If your are open to new stories, inspiration and emerging ideas on conservation and wildlife represented by a diverse range of story tellers from around the globe you need to attend, support or enter your film at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival.

    Trevor Almeida
    Geonewmedia Melbourne Australia.

    October 2018