The “Faith & Film Festival” was designed to create a platform for educating and showcasing uniquely formed works of story-telling. The one common thread in all of the chosen films each year is “each filmmaker’s journey of relentless faith to finish or bring his/her work to a goal point”. This year’s theme is “The Journey” and how we, as filmmakers, have arrived. Everyone’s story is different and how they make a story is unique as well. We want to, not only showcase, great films that tell a story. We want to also hear the story and journey behind making the film.

All jury awards are for the following categories:

Best Narrative Short
Best Documentary Short
Best Dramatic Short (Fiction or Non-Fiction)
Best Comedic Short (Fiction or Non-Fiction)
The Faith Award - goes to a new filmmaker or a filmmaker entering a new genre or capacity in filmmaker. Example: first time producer, first time actor, etc.

The winners of our Narrative Short, Documentary Short, Dramatic Short, Comedic Short prizes all qualify for the "Faith Award".

Films competing in juried categories are chosen solely at the discretion of "The Faith and Film Festival" programming team. Acceptance to the festival does not guarantee placement in competition.

The Faith and Film Festival juries are comprised of filmmakers, film critics and industry figures.

All officially-selected short films will be eligible for our Faith Award. In addition to the juried prizes listed above. All official selections that meet the guidelines of these non-juried competitions, in a year when they are being presented, will be eligible.

Additional prizes to be announced.

• Films can be of any genre -- drama, comedy, adventure, animation, romance, science fiction, experimental, etc. FFF accepts shorts, web series and narratives and documentaries under 60 minutes.
• All submissions must be in English or have English subtitles.
• FFF has a censorship policy due to our partners.

• 720 or 1080 resolution
• under 60 minute run time, non-documentary works under 45 minutes
• Acceptable formats: mov. mp4. m4v.

Overall Rating
  • It was a pleasure for us being part of your festival.

    January 2020
  • Brian FINN

    A great place to see and share ways to get our faith content out to as many people as possible. Thank you Pauline for giving me a platform for my film "When all else fails"

    January 2020