Humayun Ahmed Festival 2014

Detail about the Festival:

Event Name: Humayun Ahmed Festival 2014
Organizing by: Channel Agami
Venue: Central Public Library
Date: 12, 13 and 14 November 2014


Humayun Ahmed, the cultural legend of Bangladesh, was a Bangladeshi author, dramatist, screenwriter, playwright and filmmaker. To preserve his Excellency among the young generation and spread through next generation, Humayun Ahmed festival has been arranged. The main vision of this grand event is to keep his thoughts alive in our youth mind.

Film Show directed by Humayun Ahmed:

1. Aguner Poroshmoni
2. Dui Duyari
3. Ghetu Putro Komola

Solo Book Fair:

One or two renowned publisher/s will participate on this Book Fair. Only Humayun Ahmed’s books will be shown in those stall and also other writers’ about him.

Lifestyle Exhibition:

A life style exhibition will take place on the festival premises where audience may get a depth idea about Humayun Ahmed’s living & vision of thoughts. It may include his paintings, pens which were used to write, spectacles, writing pad, papers etc.

Stage Drama:

A stage drama will be held on the closing ceremony of the festival. A bunch of young artists, especially children will play the roles which have created by Humayun Ahmed.

Photography Contest:

A photography contest will be announced for the festival. Anyone, under age 18, can participate on this contest. A jury board will nominate the photos from the participants for photography exhibition which will hold on the festival.

Short Film Contest:

By press conference, facebook event and through channel agami’s local correspondents short film contest for the festival will be announced. Children, under age 18, can participate on this contest by submitting their directed films. The jury board will nominate 21 films for the premiere and among them 5 films will be awarded.

Art Fest:

On the 3rd and final day of the festival, an art fest will be arranged. Children from various school of the Capital will participate in this event. The subject of drawing will be “Humayun in the vision of youth”. Prominent artists of the country will attend on that event & judge the drawings of the children.