Fringe POP is a SPECIAL EVENT that merges short films with 10-minute plays for a dynamic event mixing projections and live performance to explore private vs. public space. Live performances are juxtaposed with short films exploring how we live and behave, both in public and in private.


How do we experience public vs private space anymore? With a world of knowledge and connectivity in everyone’s pocket, does privacy even exist? What happens when what we think is private becomes public domain?

Fringe POP will feature two different evenings that explore private and public experiences through live performance and cinematic visions. Both events will bounce back and forth between mediums, blurring the lines of traditional theatre performance for an evening to both entertain and enlighten.

A total of four short films and four 10-minute plays will be screened and performed October 6 through 9, 2016 at the Logan Fringe Arts Space, 1358 Florida Ave NE, Washington, DC.

Four films will be selected to screen at Fringe POP. Each will be paid a $50 screening fee, and will receive complimentary tickets to the event.

1. Submit your short film -- which must be under 15 minutes. Only films under 15 minutes INCLUSIVE of opening and closing credits will be reviewed. Films longer than 15 minutes will be disqualified without a refund.

2. Films will be reviewed and selected by Fringe POP staff and producers. Films will be evaluated on many factors including story, character development -- and most importantly -- adhering to the themes of the event -- Public and Private Spaces.

3. Films that do not meet the thematic requirements will be disqualified without a refund. For more information on the themes, click on the two categories.

4. Films chosen for programming will be paid a $50 screening fee and 4 complimentary tickets to a show of your choosing.

Overall Rating
  • Eddie Shieh

    The concept of mixing film, music and staged performance is something that is as rare as is inspiring. As a filmmaker with two films screening, it's a welcome and creative experience. Congratulations to the POP team for producing a successful festival and I hope to screen with you again.

    October 2016