Revue of Croatian Short Films - Kratki na brzinu is undergoing the biggest transformation in its short history.

As we are heading to small jubilee, we want to celebrate our birthday with you as new international short film festival.

Diversions International Short Film Festival!

DISFF is devoted to the realm of short films. We aim to screen, promote, and market premier short films in the world. As till now, we are not seduced by the "name" of the company, and we don't care how experienced you are as long as your film is a story to be shared, watched and enjoyed. We are motivated by your stories, memories and pieces of life awaiting to be given to the audiences. Natural-born storytellers, seekers and adventurers are our inspiration. Our passion is screening short films. And yours?

We accept fiction circuses, documentary puzzles, animated miracles and experimental wonders limited to 20 minutes in duration.

Submissions are made excluseivley through this Filmfreeway site.

More details, info and regulations are soon to come. Stay tooned!

Screenings starts in June 2018.

Welcome to DISFF and Sveti Ivan Zelina!

Overall Rating
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    Masha Udovicic

    Professional and friendly! Thanks for everything!

    June 2017
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    Suncica Ana Veldic

    Very well organized festival with interesting industry and networking.

    July 2016
  • false
    Mark Modrić

    Easy going,friendly festival with the best people ever!

    June 2016
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    Jure Pavlovic

    Amazing small little festival in beautiful small town near Zagreb, capital of Croatia.

    Wonderful hospitality, great people, interesting master classes

    May 2016
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    Antoneta Kusijanovic

    Wonderful people and energy

    May 2016