Who we are:
Now in our 2nd year, the APEX Film Awards is a quarterly short film award to showcase independent filmmakers and their films. APEX was made by filmmakers for filmmakers and our experience within the film industry and on the festival circuit gave us the idea to create our own online film festival that's aimed at showcasing independent filmmakers and acknowledging their films.

In our experience we found that many online film awards didn't deliver a positive service and experience from the filmmakers perspective. Lack of communication, missed notification dates and overall effort from a festival can have a detrimental effect on a films festival run. Our goal is to discover talented filmmakers and powerful films that we can showcase. By entering, you will be amongst countless multi-award winning films and filmmakers that have submitted their work to us. Visit our website to take a look at the range of film reviews we've had the opportunity to write.

Film Reviews:
What's unique about our festival is that all our award winners receive a tailored film review and star rating. Having a detailed film review and star rating is an incredibly useful and effective promotional tool for films to use across social media and within their promotional content. We focus on the films as a whole, not just from a story perspective. We want to recognise the key aspects of the film that often get overlooked and recognise the entire crew and their efforts.

We've also found they are incredibly powerful at acknowledging the filmmakers themselves and the hard work that goes into each film. Film reviews are typically a separate service which are not offered by film festivals, which is why we're proud to offer it. Feature your star rating and reviews on your posters or even within your trailers, they can be used in many effective ways. Our award winners seem to love them!

How we work:
The APEX Film Awards is run every quarter, giving filmmakers the chance to submit throughout the year. We found that having monthly awards would dilute the quality of submissions and reviews. The market has also become too saturated with monthly festivals with a lack of consistency. Whilst we don't run any physical screenings, we do our best to make each filmmaker feel they are getting a good experience. We ensure status updates go out on our notification date without delay.

Winners of each category will receive a short film review and star rating of their submitted film as well as custom laurels. Check out our winners reviews through our website. You'll also receive an invitation to our exclusive Facebook group the 'APEX Collective' reserved for our award winners to share ideas, their work and meet other likeminded filmmakers from across the world.

Nominees and Official Selections will be featured on our website and receive a custom laurel to help promote their film and showcase their achievement.


• Best Drama
• Best Comedy
• Best Animation
• Best Sci-Fi
• Best Thriller
• Best Horror
• Best Fantasy
• Best Experimental
• Best Music Video
• Best Documentary
• Best Director
• Best Cinematography
• Best Actor
• Best Actress
• Best Special FX
• Best Score

If your film has been submitted into multiple categories and receives more than one award selection, we will provide you with a single review and star rating for your film.

We accept:
- Short films under 40 minutes
- Music Videos of any length
- Films made from any year

By submitting your film, take note that:
- You agree to use parts of your film (including trailer/teaser/film poster/stills) for promotional purpose by us
- Entry fees are non-refundable
- Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker
- The films must include English subtitles (unless the spoken language is English)
- Your film will NOT be uploaded online to any platform
- All reviews are written in English ONLY
- If a specific category winner can not be selected due to lack of submissions or quality, we will not feature a winning film for that category.

We do not accept:
- Extremist or propaganda content from religious or political organizations
- Films including excessively violent or sexually inappropriate content
- Films with a poor production quality or lack of ENGLISH subtitles

We DO NOT offer fee waivers and will not reply to emails requesting one.

Overall Rating
  • Marisa Cohen

    They said we got a nomination, which was nice. However, they didn't tell us what it was for and our film mysteriously wasn't listed on the website as a finalist. We applied in three categories.

    October 2022
  • Erik de Bruyn

    Nice festival. Thanks for the nomination!

    October 2022
  • It was great to be part of the APEX Film Awards. I look forward to submitting my next film to them too!

    August 2022
  • Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am so grateful you saw my film and appreciated my hard work! Thank you so much!

    July 2022
  • Thank you to Apex Film Awards for their professionalism and truly honored to have my project the "Call Of Duty"(Music Video) selected for this current season keep up the good work.

    April 2022