DOTYK is annual international queer festival from Belarus.

The festival program included screenings of fiction films, documentaries and animated films, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and discussions with our guests from different countries.

Date: 24 of February till 5 of March 2017
Place: Belarus, Minsk, space 'Canteen XYZ'

DOTYK (bel. touch) – noncommercial cultural and educational organization that in its work deals mostly with matters of identity and self-determination, raises the problems of homophobia, transphobia, sexism and other forms of xenophobia in the Belarusian society.

DOTYK opens a discussion using not the language of academia, but the language of art – the universal human language. We believe that art shows us real stories and doesn’t reduce them to mere statistical data. It reflects the complexity and diversity of the world and the variability that exists everywhere.

Non-competition program

Principles and values
The values of the DOTYK team are based on the principle of nondiscrimination in a broader sense. We try to spread the knowledge that the marginalization of any group in inhuman in its essence and that our differences don’t prevent us from the possibility to coexist in the atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance. DOTYK opposes xenophobia, chauvinism, racism, sexism, homo- and trans- and biphobia, militarism, colonialism and other forms of social devaluation.