Canlandıranlar Film Festival, organized by Canlandıranlar Association.

Best Film
Best Student Film
Best First Film
Best Turkish Film

Which works can be entered?
Any audiovisual animation, created frame by frame whatever the technique, made for the cinema, television and any other screening platform may be entered. Only works completed after 1st January 2018 and never previously entered at the Canlandıranlar Film Festival will be accepted. To compete, the films should be submitted before 10th August 2020.

Online submissions
There is no entry fee required. Only correctly completed online submission forms will be considered and must be received before 10th August 2020.

The film provided by a web address, FTP, a video platform (Vimeo, etc.) or a file transfer platform (Wetransfer, etc.). URL and the video platform should be protected by a password and downloadable.

The selection is led by the Artistic Director who works in collaboration with the Canlandıranlar Association and Programme Planning department. The chosen films will make up the Festival

Official Selections will be posted on from 14th September 2020. The Festival will inform the person submitting the film by email if it has been selected, at the same time requesting material necessary for the publications and screenings. After being notified entrants have till 2nd October 2020 to withdraw from the program. No film can be withdrawn after this date. If a film has not been selected, the Festival will inform the person submitting the film by email before 2nd October 2020.

Canlandıranlar Association will subtitle Turkish and non-Turkish-speaking short films presented in competition. Original time-coded text of the original dialogue and/or commentary will be requested.

Canlandıranlar Association management will decide on the composition of the international juries made up of 5 members. Any member of Canlandıranlar Association management won’t be a part of the jury. The juries reserve the right not to award a prize, but can only award the prizes listed below.

Official Awards
The juries will award the following prizes:

Best Film
Best Student Film
Best First Film
Best Turkish Film
TV and internet broadcasts
By accepting the present regulations, the entrant authorizes Canlandıranlar Association to reproduce and broadcast an extract of the films selected for the Canlandıranlar Film Festival free of charge and for a period of one year (starting from the date of the selection announcement). These extracts will not exceed 10 % of the total running time of the film. They will only be used for the promotion of the Festival on TV and web programs, interviews and reports.

Each entrant declares to be the author or rights owner of the submitted film(s) and to own all the literary, dramatic and musical rights guaranteeing Canlandıranlar Association against any claims, conflicts and legal action concerning the presentation of the film. Information supplied at the time of registration will be used in various bilingual publications and may be translated or modified. The participation of each entrant in the official selection confers on the organizers the right to present the work in full at a public screening for non-commercial purposes, i.e. screenings during the Festival and other uses granted under the present regulations.

Best of Canlandıranlar
Canlandıranlar Association will obtain a distribution license of a Best of Canlandıranlar program for cultural and non-commercial screenings in Turkey and abroad. A contract for the transfer of copyright will be proposed to the rights holders of the films to be used for this program.

Data Protection
The information requested, including photos, is required for electronic or paper media linked to the Festival. This information will also be used on the Internet and Canlandıranlar Association’s database. In accordance with the law on data protection you may exercise your right of access, rectification or opposition to information about you contained in our files by contacting the Festival and Association management.

Overall Rating
  • Leila Ahang

    Thanks for your great festival.

    November 2021
  • Lynn Polyak

    thank you for having us!

    November 2021
  • Thank you for strong interesting program and for possibility of screening my film.
    I hope to participate next years.

    October 2021
  • It was an excellent festival!

    November 2020
  • Shahram Kharazmi

    I very glad that my film Red eyes selected in Canlandiranlar film festival... I have been saw yung and master artists and film makers in this festival and I had good experience

    October 2020