The Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival is a fundraiser for Indiana Youth Group (IYG). Our 21st annual festival takes place November 12-21, 2021. Our festival plays features, documentaries, and shorts.

Our Best of Festival winner receives $1,000. Second place winner receives $500.

If your film is released physically or online before our dates (November 12-21, 2021), it's not eligible for our festival.

Overall Rating
  • Really well run festival, especially for a first time all online. The website was great looking, operated flawlessly and the film selection was top notch. Plus the decision to sell a $25 pass for all movies was smart. Very impressed with the management of this fest. Bravo.

    November 2020
  • I was super proud to be programmed into this lovely festival in 2020 when it went all-virtual. Matthew the main organizer is a great individual, extremely communicative and helpful. Great, great experience!

    November 2020
  • Elle Luan

    I wasn't able to attend the screening but was very glad to learn that my film was well received there! The organizers were fantastic and the general vibe is very supportive!

    January 2020
  • Manuel Marmier

    I’m very happy and very proud that my short film KIKO'S SAINTS has been selected by the festival, all the more since it won the first place in the 2019 Best of Festival Awards.
    Unfortunately I couldn't attend to present the film.
    I was very curious how the audience reacted to the screening.
    I wish I could be in Indianapolis to enjoy the festival.
    I wish all my best to all the festival team and once again many thanks for this selection and this price. I feel honoured

    November 2019
  • Tathagata Ghosh

    Incredibly important festival which brings together some of the most important stories from all around the world. Thanks for having "Miss Man"! :)

    November 2019