To offer an unprecedented opportunity for Screenwriters and Indie Film Makers around the globe.

The project begins with an international screenwriting competition that launches at the 2015 Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF).

The competition is open and free to anyone who wishes to enter. Writers are invited to submit a treatment based on all of The Sionna Project's Story Elements. The top 25 writers will be invited to write a more detailed 10-page treatment. The top 5 finalists will complete a first draft, 90-pages long.

The final winner will receive a $10,000 cash award and have their script produced in Dallas Fall 2015. The completed feature will have its World Premiere and Gala at DIFF 2016. Studio Movie Grill is supporting the project with a Guaranteed Limited National Theatrical Release.

Note: To be considered, you must submit a treatment that includes ALL the Sionna Project Story Elements.

The Sionna Project is based on a true Texas story of a young woman; given away at birth, her search for her parents and her identity…and what happens once she finds them.

$10,000 Cash Prize to winning screenplay
$200,000 Production Budget to make the film
Festival Premiere at Dallas International Film Festival 2016
Guaranteed Limited National Theatrical Release with Studio Movie Grill

Sionna Project Story Elements:

1. The Main Character is female.

2. The Primal Wound" - the impact of adoption on a child and hard-won personal knowledge that comes from the experience… the existential aloneness of being adopted. Life and circumstances made her a survivor.

"We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place* for the first time." TS Elliot -*even when the "place" is ourselves.

3. Loving, supportive adoptive family through whose upbringing and social environment instilled a set of strong values. Grandfather plays a special role..

4. Use Art & Music as major thematic elements. Main character is an artist from a very young age and becomes a professional working artist. Both music and art have tremendous healing power for her and, we discover, are part of her genetic inheritance from her birth mother.

5. Emphasis on Irish heritage. We discover both birth parents are Irish and helped settle Ireland, Texas.

6. Must have universal appeal. As in a great painting, the art stands alone and means what it means yet everyone brings their own story and perspective to the "Art" as it speaks to THEM. Note: (There's a reason and similar sites are so popular, EVERYONE wants to know where they've come from and feel a sense of belonging.)

7. Main Setting--Texas., Main Season: Summer. Main Time Period: Modern

8. As a young adult, the main character finds her birth mother and father in different places...they are reunited after many years and get married (true). Initially, things are great but then go horribly wrong. Birth mother has incredible moral and ethical flaws… reveals a ruthless side and tries to turn her whole family against the child she gave away. Cruel irony.

9. Main character’s own children and adoptive family had long ago begun to heal her and make her whole. The answer was there all along. She just didn't know it.

General Notes:
The script should offer inspiration and hope to lost souls who've been given away and who've never been able to find healing and belonging.

Note: Hemingway said, "“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places."

1. Terms. Your submission of Your original treatment/screenplay (the “Property”) to the Sionna Project (the “Competition”) is conditioned upon Your agreement to these Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”), and You are bound by these Terms as of the date You submit Your treatment/screenplay to Sionna Productions, Ltd. (the “Effective Date”).

1. Winning Submission. If Your Property is selected by and Sionna Productions, in its sole discretion, as the Winning Submission, You grant and assign to Sionna Productions, exclusively and irrevocably, all right, title, and interest, including all copyrights and all extensions and renewals, to the Property. These rights include, without limitation: the right to produce and exploit the Property, all movie picture rights, television rights (pay, free, film, tape, cable, live, and otherwise), home video rights, sequel and remake rights, documentary rights, merchandising rights, screenplay publication rights, computer-assisted media rights (including video games), interactive media rights, use-on-demand rights, promotional and advertising rights, rental and lending rights, and all ancillary, subsidiary, and allied rights, and all other rights in the Property of whatever nature, whether now or hereinafter invented, throughout the world, for the full duration of protection of those rights (collectively, the “Rights”). Without limiting any of the above, the Rights include the right to distribute, exhibit, broadcast, manufacture, and otherwise exploit all works produced pursuant to the Rights granted hereunder by means of any and all media and devices, whether known or hereafter invented, and in any and all markets whatsoever, as well as the right of Sionna Productions in its discretion to make any and all changes in, additions to, and deletions from the Property in connection with the creation and exploitation of the Property.

2. Participation. You agree, at Sionna Productions’ request, to make Yourself available to Sionna Productions to participate in any production or exploitation of the Property.

3. Compensation. If Sionna Productions decides, in its sole discretion, that Your Property is the Winning Submission, We will notify You in writing, using an email or physical address You have provided to us. If Your Property is the Winning Submission, You will be entitled to receive $10,000.00 (the “Prize”) and one Co-Producer credit (the “Credit”). You specifically acknowledge that the Prize is full and adequate consideration for any right to which You may now be, or will hereafter become, entitled to in connection with any rights under the Terms.

4. Additional Documents. All Our obligations are contingent upon receipt of all releases, assignments, supporting documents, and agreements in connection with the chain-of-title of the Property. If We ask You to sign any additional documents to evidence Our rights, You will do so within five (5) business days of Our written request. You hereby irrevocably appoint Us as Your attorney-in-fact with full power to execute any additional documents if You do not sign them within five (5) business days after You receive Our written request.

5. Waiver of Moral Rights. If Sionna Productions decides, in its sole discretion, that the Property is the Winning Submission, You irrevocably waive, to the full extent allowed under any law, any moral rights in the Property, and You agree not to assert any moral rights in the Property against Sionna Productions.

6. Right of Publicity. If Sionna Productions decides, in its sole discretion, that the Property is the Winning Submission, You hereby grant Sionna Productions the right to use Your name, biographical information, photograph, video, or likeness, and the names, biographical information, photographs, videos, and likeness of all individuals that are credited in the Property, worldwide and in any manner and medium now or hereafter devised, for any purpose in connection with the Property or exploitation of the Property, without additional compensation, notification, or permission.

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Timeline for Treatment and Screenwriting Competition

April 9 - April 26 Call for entries. Each entrant submits a Short Feature Film Treatment.
April 25 - May 10 Short Treatment Judging and Review.
May 11 - May 23 Announce Top 25 Treatments and Begin 10 Page Treatment portion of the competition.
May 24 - May 31 10 Page Treatment Judging and Review.
June 1 - June 26 Top 5 Finalists Announced and Full Script portion of the competition.
June 27 - July 10 - Final Judging
July 13 - Winner Announced and $10,000 cash prize awarded.